Biggest Cities In Lithuania

The modern skyline of Vilnius' Financial Centre at night.
The modern skyline of Vilnius' Financial Centre at night.

Lithuania is a Northern European nation. It is also one of the three Baltic states. The country is located along the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea. Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and the Kaliningrad Oblast border the nation. The country has a population of around 2.9 million people as of 2015. Vilnius is the biggest city and capital of Lithuania. Lithuanian and Latvian are the two official languages of the country. Lithuania’s population is primarily urban by nature. Since the 1990’s, the country has experienced a steady migration of population from the rural areas to the cities. The well executed and planned development of regional centers have encouraged this trend. A report in 2015 mentions that 66.5% of the Lithuanian population lived in urban areas. Here we mention some of the most populous Lithuanian cities and their important features.

The Four Biggest Cities In Lithuania


Vilnius is Lithuania’s biggest city and also the country’s seat of government. It is located in the country’ s south-eastern part and is classified as a Gamma global city. Vilnius is famous for its Old Town architecture that was inscribed in 1994 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is often called the "Jerusalem of Lithuania," due to the Jewish influence on the cityscape of Vilnius. The city houses nearly 20% of the country’s population and generates nearly one-third of the country’s GDP. Solar and laser technology manufacturing centers and biotechnological manufacturers are also located in the city. Vilnius has a number of universities, the largest being the Vilnius University.


The second biggest city in Lithuania is Kaunas which is a leading economic, cultural, and academic center in the country. Kaunas is located where the waters of the two rivers Nemunas and the Neris merge. The largest body of water in the country, the Kaunas Reservoir is also located near the city. Food and beverage, publishing and processing, metal, wood processing, chemical, textile, etc., are the major industries active in Kaunas. Many national and international companies have their headquarters located in this Lithuanian city.


Klaipėda is the third largest Lithuanian city and the Klaipėda County’s capital. The city is of immense national importance due to it being a usually ice-free port at the Akmena-Danė River’s mouth. The port is the most significant hub of transport in Lithuania and is a deep-water, multipurpose port. The cities Old Town is famous for its Scandinavian and German architecture and is frequented by tourists visiting the country.


Šiauliai is the fourth biggest city in Lithuania and the Šiauliai County’s capital. The city has served as an industrial center since the beginning of the 19th century. Several manufacturing and service companies, shopping centers, commercial enterprises, etc., are located in the city today.

Which Are The Biggest Municipalities In Lithuania?

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