The Biggest Cities In Swaziland

A street in the city of Manzini, Swaziland.
A street in the city of Manzini, Swaziland.

Where Is Swaziland?

Swaziland is a Southern African sovereign state. Mozambique borders the country to the northeast, and South Africa borders it on the south, west, and north. The country derives its name from the 19th-century ruler, Mswati II who expanded and unified the Swazi territory. Swaziland is one of Africa’s smallest nation and extends for only 200 km from south to north, and covers a distance of 130 km from west to east. However, despite its small size, the country hosts diverse climate and topography. Swazis form the bulk of the population of Swaziland and speak the Swati language. Swaziland is an absolute monarchy and is currently under the rule of Mswati III, the head of state of the country.

Swaziland is a developing nation with a small economy. South Africa is the main trading partner of the country. The agricultural and manufacturing industries in the country provide the maximum percentage of employment to the people. The country is plagued by high rates of poverty and disease. HIV/AIDS is a major health issue in the country. The average life expectancy of the people here is only 50 years. There are a few urban centers in the country housing a significant percentage of the population of the nation. However, the urban centers of Swaziland lack many modern amenities that are available in other major cities of the world.

The Three Biggest Urban Centers In Swaziland


Manzini is the biggest city in Swaziland and the capital of the country’s Manzini Region. It is nicknamed “The Hub" of Swaziland and is located on the MR3 road. The main industrial belt of the city is located on the western border of Manzini. The residential buildings radiate outwards from the Central Business District. There are pockets in the city with informal settlements and high poverty levels. Nazarene High School, a famous educational institution in the region, is located in Manzini. The Matsapha International Airport, the country’s only commercial airport, is located 10 km to the west of the city.


Mbabane is the capital city of Swaziland and the second most populous city in the country. It is also an important hub of commerce in the country. The city is based in on the banks of the Mbabane River and the Polinjane River, a tributary of the Mbabane River. Mbabane grew rapidly after the administrative center of the country was shifted to the city from Bremersdorp in 1902. Tourism and sugar export are the biggest industries operating here. Tin and iron mines are located close to the city, and there are also two sites for light industries here.

Big Bend

Big Bend is the third most populous urban center in Swaziland. The town is located on the banks of the Lusutfu River. Sugar plantations constitute the biggest industry in this town of Swaziland. The Edu-care Centre, Sisekelo High Schoo, and Ubombo Primary School are some of the important educational centers in Big Bend.

Which Are The Biggest Cities/Towns In Swaziland?

1Manzini , Manzini110,537
2Mbabane , Hhohho76,218
3Big Bend , Lubombo10,342
4Malkerns, Manzini9,724
5Nhlangano , Shiselweni9,016
6Mhlume , Lubombo8,652
7Hluti, Shiselweni6,763
8Siteki , Lubombo6,152
9Piggs Peak , Hhohho5,750
10Lobamba , Hhohho4,557

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