Biggest Cities In Burundi

A view of Central Bujumbura.
A view of Central Bujumbura.

Burundi is a landlocked nation in East Africa and is bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bujumbara is the capital of the country. For over 200 years, Burundi was an independent kingdom but was occupied by Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. After Germany’s defeat in the First World War, Burundi came under the control of Belgium. In 1962, the country once more became independent and had a monarchial rule for a few years after this newly found independence. However, a series of assassinations and coups led to the establishment of a one-party republic state. Civil wars and genocides gripped the country and deteriorated the state of the people and economy in the country. Here we mention some of the biggest cities in Burundi.

The 5 Biggest Cities Of Burundi


Bujumbura is the largest city in Burundi and is located on Lake Tanganyika’s north-eastern shore. The city is the biggest port of the country and ships the main exports of the country. A large colonial town, Bujumbura houses a national stadium, mosque, marketplace, a cathedral, and more attractions. The Rusizi National Park is also located nearby. The University of Burundi and the Bujumbura International Airport are also located in the city. Bujumbura is a major tourist destination of the country due to its many attractions. The multisport stadium, Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium, located here witnesses major sports events. Some of Burundi’s major hospitals and clinics are also located in this city.


Ranking second among the biggest cities in Burundi is Muyinga. It is the capital city of the Muyinga Province of the country and houses the central administrative offices of the province. The city is located 1,731 meters above sea level.


Ruyigi is the third biggest city in Burundi and is the capital of the Ruyigi province of the country.


Gitega was formerly the second largest city in Burundi. It lies to the east of the capital city of Bujumbura. The city is the capital of the Gitega Province and houses the Archdiocese of Gitega and the Burundi National Museum. Some other attractions of Gitega include the Ibwami (royal court) and a number of karyenda (royal drum sanctuaries). The city witnessed the killing of the last King of the country, Ntare V of Burundi, on April 29, 1972. On 2007, there was a talk of the shift of Burundi’s capital to Gitega from Bujumbara.

Unhappy Cities Of Burundi

High levels of poverty and high corruption rates plague the economy of Burundi. Even the biggest cities of Burundi have a weak infrastructure and poor access to health and education services and facilities. Food scarcity is a major problem in the country. In the World Happiness Report 2016, Burundi ranked as the least happy nation in the world.


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