The 20 Biggest Car Exporting Countries In The World

New cars await export in Haifa, Israel. Editorial credit: StockStudio /
New cars await export in Haifa, Israel. Editorial credit: StockStudio /

Europe has the bulk of the top automobile exporting nations in the world. Cars are currently being produced at a rate never witnessed before in the world's history. A record breaking of 60.58 million personal automobiles were produced in different countries in 2015. Several countries have emerged, not only as top manufacturers of cars but also as top exporters. The 20 biggest car exporting countries as per the 2012 data are discussed below.

Europe: The Biggest Car Exporting Region In The World

Germany has established itself as the manufacturing hub of luxury cars. The country's car exports were valued at $148,350 million. Germany accounted for 22.7% of the world's car exports in 2015, and it produced over 6 million car units. The UK boasts a strong automotive sector which includes the production of Land Rover, Jaguar, McLaren, Daimler, Morgan, and Mini. The country's car exports were worth $35,424 million. France was ranked 11th regarding the automobiles produced in 2015, and it is home to the Renault and PSA Groups of automakers. The country's car exports were valued at $23,785 million. Spain recorded the production of 2.7 million automobiles in 2015, and its automobile sector accounted for 8.7% of its GDP and 9% of manufacturing jobs in 2016. Spain's car exports were valued $23,683 million. The car exports from Belgium and Luxembourg were each valued at $21.955 million. Belgium has plants like Truco, Opel Antwerp, Volvo Europe, and Van Hool although its automotive industry has been riddled with challenges. The Czech Republic was able to reassert its position as a top car producer in recent years. The country has benefited from South Korean, French, Japanese, and German investments and its car exports were valued at $14,638 million. Other significant cars exporting European countries are Italy ($9,587 million), Poland ($5,761 million), and Sweden ($5,239 million).

Car Exporting Nations In Asia

Japan topped other Asian countries to export cars valued $104,286 million in 2012. The country churns out 8 to 10 million cars every year to be the third largest car manufacturing country. Some of the automotive manufacturers based in Japan are Toyota, Yamaha, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, and Isuzu. South Korea was ranked 5th in the world with car exports valued at $42,484 million. It is home to the second biggest automaker in the Asian continent, the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Thailand's auto industry has been among the most rapidly growing in Asia. Thai Rung is the country's primary automaker, and apart from assembling foreign brands, the company produces the Thai Rung automobile. In 2009, China's yearly automobile production surpassed that of the US, and it has maintained a lead ever since. The car exports were worth $4,565 million. Turkey and India have their car exports valued at $6,408 million and 4,828 million respectively.

North America: Car Exporting Hubs In North America

The automobile plants in the US were responsible for the production of 4.1 million cars in 2015. The country is a notable leader in the making of commercial automobiles. The car exports were worth $53,390 million. Canada is ranked as the 11th biggest car producer among the countries of the world. The car exports were valued at $47,632 million. The Mexican automotive sector is dominated by foreign assembly plants, and its car exports were valued at $30,901 million.

Future Trends

Car exporting nations have set their sights on emerging markets as potential opportunities for export growth. Hyundai India, for example, has shifted its focus to South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Some of the markets in these regions have been reflecting double digit growth which has created a middle-class community eager for foreign automobiles.

Which Are The 20 Biggest Car Exporting Countries In The World?

RankCountryValue of export (millions of USD), 2012
1 Germany148,350
2 Japan104,286
3 United States53,390
4 Canada47,632
5 South Korea42,484
6 United Kingdom35,424
7 Mexico30,901
8 France23,785
9 Spain23,683
10 Belgium21,955
11 Luxembourg21,955
12 Czech Republic14,638
13 Slovakia12,767
14 Italy9,587
15 Turkey6,408
16 Poland5,761
17 Thailand5,667
18 Sweden5,239
19 India4,828
20 China4,565

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