What Type Of Government Does Seychelles Have?

The flag of Seychelles.
The flag of Seychelles.

The Republic of Seychelles is an African archipelago with 115 islands located in the Western Indian Ocean. This island nation is about 1600 kilometers to the east of Kenya with a population of 0.1 million people, according to the Heritage Foundation. Its unspoilt beauty, pristine sandy beaches, and unique biodiversity make Seychelles a popular holiday destination, and tourism revenues contribute 24.8 percent to the country’s gross domestic product, according to the World Bank.

History Of Seychelles

Seychelles gained independence on 29th June 1976 and its constitution called for a multi-party state. But in 1979 it was amended to make it a one party state under the rule of France-Albert Rene. The amended constitution called for the sole presidential candidate to be nominated by the ruling party. But in 1992, multiparty democracy was reintroduced, and after consultations and a referendum the one-party constitution, was replaced by the 1993 constitution. Through 1993 constitution, Seychelles became a unitary republic with multi-party democracy. That allowed for opposition candidates to run for president from 1994. In 1996, the constitution was amended again and the vice president post created. The constitution allows the president to rule by decree according to the Commonwealth Education Hub.

Executive Branch Of The Government Of Seychelles

Seychelles has a multi-party system of politics and elections are conducted after every five years to elect a president by a popular vote. The president is head of state, government, and a 12 member cabinet, and also has executive powers. Though the president appoints the cabinet, it must be approved by the Seychelles National Assembly. The president is assisted by the vice president who can come to power if he abdicates. As at 2017 the president is Danny Faure who was came to power in 2016, after the previous president, James Michel stepped down, and the vice president is Vincent Meriton.

Legislative Branch Of The Government Of Seychelles

Today Seychelles has a unicameral parliament, and a national assembly with 35 seats, 25 of which legislators are voted in national elections by adults (universal adult suffrage). The 25 legislators are from 25 administrative regions forming the National Assembly’s constituencies. The government fills the other 10 seats through proportional representation based on the percentage of votes each political party gets during elections, according to the Commonwealth Education Hub. That works by each party nominating a proportionally elected member for every 10 percent of votes polled, according to Seychelles Office of the Electoral Commission.

Politics In Seychelles

In Seychelles, there are four political parties but the two dominant ones are the Seychelles National Party (SNP) and Seychelles People Progressive Front (SPFF)-People Party. As at 2017, the governing party is the SPFF with SNP in opposition. Of the two dominant political parties, SPFF with socialist ideals is the oldest having been formed in 1964 when Seychelles was a British Colony. The party was then called Seychelles People’s United Party, and was led by France-Albert Rene who opposed British colonial rule; and called for the creation of an independent socialist government, according to So Seychelles. But in 1977, it changed its name to SPFF and through a coup, Rene became Seychelles President from 1977 to 2004.

Even after multiparty democracy was reintroduced SPFF has continued being in power as at 2017, winning all presidential elections. The SNP party was formed in the nineties after the 1993 constitutional amendment called for multiparty democracy, allowing opposition parties to present presidential candidates.


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