What Type Of Government Does Paraguay Have?

The Palacio de los López, the office of the President of Paraguay.
The Palacio de los López, the office of the President of Paraguay.

Paraguay is a presidential representative republic which gained independence from Spain on May 14, 1811 and has had six constitutions since. The current constitution was enacted in June 1992 and was amended in 2011 and 2014. The 1992 constitution replaced the 1967 authoritarian constitution which had 11 chapters and 231 articles. The President exercises the executive power whereas the legislative power is bestowed in the two National Congress chambers. Judicial power is bestowed on a nine members Supreme Court of Justices, the Courts of Civil Law, and Tribunals.

The Executive Branch Of The Government Of Paraguay

The President of Paraguay is the head of the government as well as the head of the state. The president is elected by a popular vote and serves a single term of five years. The last election was conducted on April, 2013 and the next election will be in April 2018. The president is also responsible for appointing the council of ministers or the cabinet. In 2008, Fernando Lugo, a Roman Catholic bishop, won the presidential elections, and his victory saw Colorado Party’s first loss in a span on 61 years. Later, Lugo was impeached and roved from office by the Congress in 2012. The office of the President of Paraguay is at the Palacio de Los López which is located in the capital of Asuncion. Mburuvichá Roga, the presidential residence, is also located in Asuncion. Once the President of Paraguay has served a term to completion, the Constitution grants them the position of Senator for life where they are allowed to speak but not vote.

The Legislative Branch Of The Government Of Paraguay

Paraguay has a bicameral National Congress made up of the Chamber of Deputies which consists of 80 members elected through proportional representation to serve a five-year term. The Chamber of Senators comprises of 45 members and is also elected through proportional representation.

The Judicial Branch Of The Government Of Paraguay

The Supreme Court of Paraguay is the highest court in the country. The President together with the senate selects the nine members of the Supreme Court through a recommendation process from a Magistrates Council. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country. There are also lower courts which include the military courts, Appellate courts, the courts of the first instance, minor courts, and the justices of the peace. Paraguayan government was radically changed by the Constitution of 1992 reinforcing a division of power which existed mostly in writing in the previous Constitutions.

Local Government Of Paraguay

Paraguay has 19 departments, and 14 are in the east of Rio Paraguay while the rest are in Chaco region. The departments are headed by the government delegates who are appointed by the president and answerable to the minister of Interior. The capital city of Asuncion is found in the central department. Central government exercises total control over the local administration, and the duties of the delegates are primarily concerned with public order and internal security. The departments are further divided into municipalities.


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