What Type Of Government Does Mauritius Have?

The flag of Mauritius.
The flag of Mauritius.

The Prime Minister of Mauritius is the head of the government of the country. The country's executive power is exercised by the government of the Republic of Mauritius. The Prime Minister is responsible for managing the main agenda of the government and directing its Ministers. Mauritius was ranked number one for good governance by the Ibrahim Index of African Governance in 2015. Out of 167 countries, Mauritius was ranked 18th worldwide by the Democracy Index in 2015 compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit which measures the state of democracy.

The Legislative Branch Of The Government Of Mauritius

Mauritius has a unicameral parliamentary system which is made up of 70 members who are elected by 21 constituents, Rodriguez Island being one of them. Until 1992, the National Assembly was known as the Legislative Assembly when Mauritius became a Republic. Under the Constitution of Mauritius, the Parliament comprises of both the President and the National Assembly. The country's parliament emulates the system of parliamentary democracy in Westminster where Parliament members are elected during regular general elections by the first past the post system. 62 of its 70 members are elected to serve a term of five years. The other eight members who are referred to as 'the best losers' are appointed by the Electoral Supervisory Commission to ensure that religious and ethnic minorities are equally represented. The Mauritanian government is principally responsible to the National Assembly. Also, the Prime Minister can only remain in office for as long as he or she can retain the support of a majority of its members.

The Executive Branch Of The Government Of Mauritius

The country's cabinet of ministers is the official council whose main responsibility is to advise the President of Mauritius in major decision making. The Prime Minister is head of the cabinet which comprises of 23 ministers plus the Attorney General who is also considered a member of the cabinet. The Constitution of Mauritius provides a cabinet which is appointed by the President following each general election and falls under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Whether directly or indirectly elected the cabinet minister is supposed to be a member of Parliament, the Attorney General is the only exception, but he or she can only vote in parliament if elected as an MP. Under the discretion of the President and on the Prime Minister's the Attorney General is appointed to the cabinet.

The Judicial Branch Of The Government Of Mauritius

In the country, the administration of justice is in the hands of the judiciary whose mission is to maintain a competent and independent judicial system which safeguards rights and freedom of the citizens and upholds the rule of law. The country's judicial system consists of a single structure which comprises of two parts which are the subordinate courts and the Supreme Court. The head of the judiciary is the Chief Justice.

Local Governments Of Mauritius

In Mauritius, each town, city, district, and village is administered by local authorities for local government. Local authorities include village councils, municipal councils, municipal city council, and the district council. At present, the country is battling the UK and the US over ownership of the Chagos Archipelago which includes the Diego Garcia Island which is currently used as a naval base by the US.


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