What Religions Are Practiced In Grenada?

St. George's Anglican church in Grenada.
St. George's Anglican church in Grenada.

Grenada is an independent nation that is located in the Caribbean Sea. The country comprises the main island of Grenada and six other smaller islands. Grenada’s population was estimated to be 107,317 in 2016 and the country occupies an area of 348.5 square km. Christianity is the most popular religion in Grenada.

The Religion Of The Majority In Grenada

The long colonial rule in the islands of Grenada left behind a legacy of Christianity in the country. Today, the majority of Grenada's population (more than 85%) are Christians. According to the CIA World Factbook, Protestants account for 49.2% of the population of the country. Roman Catholics are the next biggest Christian group representing 36% of the national population. Other Christian denominations have a limited presence in the nation. Among the Protestant groups living in Grenada, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists, and Anglicans account for 17.2%, 13.2%, and 8.5% of the population, respectively.

Other Religions Practiced In Grenada

Many other religions have a small presence in Grenada. These include Rastafarianism, Hinduism, Islam, etc. Most of the Hindus in Grenada are descendants of workers who arrived from India. The country also hosts a small but significant population of atheists and agnostics. A section of the population also does not claim adherence to any particular religion.

Religious Beliefs in Grenada

RankReligionPopulation (%)
1Protestant Christian 49.2
2Roman Catholic36
4Seventh Day Adventist 13.2
5Anglican 8.5

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