What Is The Capital Of Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific.
Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific.

Where Is Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The nation comprises of an archipelago of numerous islands of volcanic origin. The archipelago is located 1,750 km to the east of mainland Australia.

What Is The Capital Of Vanuatu And Where Is It Located?

Port Vila is Vanuatu’s capital city. It is located on Efate island which is a part of Vanuatu’s Shefa Province. The city is also the most populous city in the country and as per the 2009 census, it hosted a population of 44,040, accounting for 18.8% of the nation’s population. The population primarily comprises of Melanesians. Bislama is the most commonly spoken language here but English and French are also used widely. Christianity is the predominant religion of Port Vila’s population. The city experiences a tropical rainforest climate.

History Of The Capital City Of Vanuatu

The area that is now the modern city of Port Vila was inhabited for thousands of years by the Melanesian people. Evidence in the form of ceramics found at an archeological site date to the 13th century BC. The Europeans first set their foot on the island in May 1606. Soon, the influence of the Europeans grew in Vanuatu which was then known as New Hebrides. The economy of Port Villa and other parts of the country came under British control in the 19th century. However, towards the end of the century, French influence in the region’s economy soared steadily. The municipality of Franceville came up around Port Vila in 1889. An Anglo-French Condominium in 1906 formalized the joint rule of the British and French in the region. The city served as an airbase for the US and Australia during the Second World War. In the 1970’s a struggle for independence started in Vanuatu that finally led to the formation of the sovereign Republic of Vanuatu in 1980 with Port Vila as the capital of the independent nation.

Present-Day Role Of The City As The Capital Of Vanuatu

Being the seat of the government of Vanuatu, Port Vila houses the major government buildings of the country. The Parliament of Vanuatu is located here. The Supreme Court of the country is also based in the capital city. Port Vila is also the island nation’s busiest harbor and the center of trade and commerce in Vanuatu. 35.7% of all exports of Vanuatu leave from Port Vila’s harbor. It also receives 86.9% of the nation’s imports. Agriculture and fishing are the biggest industries here. The tourism sector is also rapidly developing.


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