What Is the Capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

A view of King's Wharf in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
A view of King's Wharf in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Where Is Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean nation located in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the northern edge of continental South America. The northeastern coast of Venezuela is about 11 km away from the twin-island nation. The nation shares its maritime borders with the countries of Barbados, Grenada, and Guyana. The country covers a total area of 5,131 square km and as of 2011, had a population of 1,328,019.

What Is the Capital of Trinidad and Tobago and Where Is it Located?

Located on the Gulf of Paria, on the island of Trinidad's northwestern coast, Port of Spain serves as the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. The city is the third largest in the country, with municipal population of 37,074, as of 2011. The city covers an area of 10.4 square km. It experiences a tropical wet and dry climate.

History of the Capital City of Trinidad and Tobago

The area now occupied by Port of Spain was previously the site of a fishing village of the native Amerindian people, and was named Cumucurapo. Spanish settlers arrived in the island in the 16th century and established a basic settlement in the region. In 1560, Spanish settlers built a garrison at the foot of the Laventine Hills in an area that currently forms the eastern boundaries of Port of Spain. Port of Spain was named Trinidad and Tobago’s capital in 1757, when the seat of government was transferred from the old capital of San José de Oruña. Don José Maria Chacón, the Spanish colonial government’s last governor, played an important role in developing Port of Spain. The population of the town soared to 3000 by 1786. In 1797, the British invaded Port of Spain, and during British rule the town continued to act as the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. For a brief period between 1958 and 1962, Port of Spain served as the capital of the West Indies Federation, and since the independence of Trinidad and Tobago in 1962, the city has been the country's capital.

Present-Day Role of the Capital of Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain's Abercromby Street serves as the country's seat of Parliament. The official residence of the Trinidad and Tobago's president, known as the President’s House, and other important central government offices are also located in the city. The capital is also the country’s administrative, financial, and retail hub. Two of the biggest banks in the region are based in the city, and the island’s largest container port, which is also one of the busiest in the Caribbean, is also located in Port of Spain. The annual Carnival festival attracts large crowds from different parts of the world. The Caribbean’s most successful stock exchange is also based in Port of Spain.

Port of Spain

1Name of CityPort of Spain
2LocationSaint George County, Trinidad and Tobago
3Coordinates10°40′N 61°31′W
4Area Occupied12 km2 (5 sq mi)
5Average Elevation3 m (10 ft)
6Population (Urban)37,074
7Population (Metropolitan)128,026
8Total Population of Capital City Corporation165,100

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