What Is The Capital Of Qatar?

View of Doha's skyline from the Museum of Islamic Art. Editorial credit: Sven Hansche / Shutterstock.com
View of Doha's skyline from the Museum of Islamic Art. Editorial credit: Sven Hansche / Shutterstock.com

The capital city of Qatar is Doha city. It is situated in the central eastern part of Qatar along the Persian Gulf. The city was officially declared the capital city in the year 1971 after the country gained independence. Doha is the commercial and cultural centre of Qatar. It is a modern city with great infrastructure and a rapidly growing economy. The capital is popular for its splendid state of the art skyscrapers that are inspired by prehistoric Islamic culture and design. Doha's notable tourist attractions are the Corniche, the Heritage Village, and the Museum of Islamic Art. Doha hosted the World Trade Organization negotiations in 2001 whose aim was to reduce trade barriers so as to increase global trade.

Climate of Doha

The city of Doha is located in the central east part of Qatar and is bordered by the Persian Gulf on its coast. The city has an elevation of 33 feet. The climate is hot desert climate characterized by arid and mild climate during winter which runs from October to April with temperatures at 21 degree Celsius and minimal rainfall. The summer season is characterized by hot humid conditions with temperatures at 38 degree Celsius and rainfall. The summer season runs from the months of May to September.

Demographics of Qatar's Capital City

Doha has a population of around one million people. 50% of the Qatar population lives in the suburbs of the capital city with a majority of the rest of the population residing in the city center. The unique thing about the capital city is that a majority of its residents are expatriates from European countries, America, the Middle East, and Asian countries while the indigenous Qatar people are the minority. Qatar population continues to grow with the rising rate of immigration by expatriates.

Economy of Doha

Doha hosts the oil and natural gas reserves and is also home to Qatar's petroleum and gas companies. The oil and gas revenue has greatly contributed to the immense economic growth in the capital and the country at large. The government of Qatar has however launched initiatives to explore other areas to grow the country’s economy. Doha City International Airport, now Hamad International Airport, was built to open up the city to tourism activities. The New 7 Wonders foundation which recognizes cities that embody the accomplishments and aims of global civilization named the city of Doha as one of the New 7 Wonder Cities in 2015 alongside Vigan City, La Paz City, Havana City, Beirut City, and Kuala Lumpur City.

Administration and Politics in the Capital City of Qatar

Doha city was founded in the 1820s. Doha City, as well as the whole county of Qatar, has been governed by a monarchial rule since the mid-1800's. The Al Thani family is the ruling family. Now Qatar is a constitutional monarchy and political opposition is not allowed. The current ruler is Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani who is the 8th Emir in the State of Qatar. Arabic is the official language in the capital and English is used as a second language. Previously, Doha City had nine main districts. However, from a census done in the year 2010, there are now more than sixty districts in the city.


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