What Is the Capital of Northern Ireland?

A view of Belfast and the river Lagan in Northern Ireland.
A view of Belfast and the river Lagan in Northern Ireland.

What is the Capital of Northern Ireland?

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

Where is Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland is part of the countries forming the United Kingdom. Its population accounts for 3% of the total United Kingdom’s population. The country was established when the then Irish republic was partitioned into two different countries through an act of parliament. The partitioning gave rise to Northern and Southern Ireland countries.

Economy of Belfast

Since the early days, Belfast has been a productive city with a great diversity of economic activities. The most notable economic activities that drove the economy of the city were tobacco processing and the ship building industry. These provided employment to numerous households, improving their standards of living. As the industrial revolution took shape, other economic activities came into play with industries such as rope making, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. These, together with the service industry in arts, education, law and financial services, have become critical in the growth of the country’s economy.

Infrastructure in the City

The city is well equipped with modern infrastructure in roads, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, financial institutions, learning institutions and hospitality and tourism amenities. The city is marked by spectacular towering buildings that enhance the scenic beauty of the city. The city is served by two airports.

City Administration

The city is run by the local government and has representatives who table the people’s agenda in the British House of Commons as well as the country’s assembly. The mayor is the figure head who leads the local administration in their duty to serve the welfare of the citizens living in the city. The entire city is fragmented into ten districts headed by the elected councilors. The first individual to serve as mayor to the city was Daniel Dixon who took office in the year 1892.


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