What Is The Capital Of Grenada?

St. George's, the capital city of Grenada.
St. George's, the capital city of Grenada.

Where Is Grenada?

Famous as the "Island of Spice”, Grenada is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. The island of Grenada and 6 smaller islands are part of the country’s territory. The latter is a part of the Grenadines chain of islands. The islands are of volcanic origin and have a highly mountainous terrain. Venezuela is the nearest land to Grenada on mainland South America. Grenada lies to the northeast of this country. Grenada occupies a total area of 344 square km and, as of 2016, the country houses a population of 107,317. Grenada is a naturally beautiful country with mountains, waterfalls, small rivers, and unique wildlife.

What Is The Capital Of Grenada And Where Is It Located?

The town of St. George’s is the seat of the government of Grenada. St. George’s is located on a horseshoe-shaped harbor and the sloping walls of a volcanic crater surround the town. St. George’s experiences a tropical savanna climate.

History Of The Capital City Of Grenada

A settlement in the area that is now part of St. George’s was founded in 1650 by the French colonists of Grenada. The colonists nearly exterminated the indigenous Carib inhabitants of the area and established the Fort Royale, a wooden fortification, on 1666. Another fort was built in the area by 1710. The new settlement named Saint Louis, was, however, soon found to be highly susceptible to flooding and other natural calamities, and also the rate of malaria was high in the area. Keeping this in mind, the French colonists decided to build a new town further inland and named it Ville de Fort Royale. In 1763, the signing of the Treaty of Paris led to a transfer of the ruling colonial power in Grenada from the French to the British who renamed Ville de Fort Royale to Saint George’s town. In the mid-1880’s, the town became the capital city of the British Windward Islands, a former British colony. Finally, after the independence of Grenada from Britain in 1974, St. George’s served as the seat of the government of Grenada.

Present-Day Role Of The Capital Of Grenada

As the seat of government of Grenada, St. George’s houses important government buildings like the York House or the Parliament Building, the Governor General Residence, and other important government offices of the country. The town is also a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean nation. It has well-preserved its natural environment, culture, and history. The Maurice Bishop International Airport, the international airport of Grenada, is located here. The area surrounding the town is well-known for spice cultivation and St. George’s is thus famous for spices.


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