What Is The Capital Of Cyprus?

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus.
Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus.

Where Is Cyprus?

The island nation of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is the Mediterranean’s third largest island by size. The country encompasses an area of 9,251 square km. Cyprus is also the region’s third most populous island and houses a population of 838,897, as per the 2011 census. Turkey lies 75 km to the north of Cyprus

What Is The Capital Of Cyprus And Where Is It Located?

The largest city of Cyprus, Nicosia, serves as the capital of the country. The city is based on the banks of the River Pedieos on the Mesaoria plain region. Nicosia experiences a subtropical semi-arid climate. As per the 2011 census, the Nicosia conurbation has a total population of 300,000.

History Of The Capital City Of Cyprus

The area that is now Nicosia was inhabited as early as 2500 years back. The ancient city-state of Ledra was founded at the site which is now the modern city of Nicosia. For years, Ledra thrived as one of the important settlements in Cyprus. However, its role as a capital city started in 965 after the city of Salamis, the former capital of Cyprus, was destroyed by Arab raids in 647. The fact that Nicosia was located inland was one of the reasons that the Byzantines selected it as their administrative capital. The coastal cities were highly subjected to raids and hence Nicosia regarded to be safer than those cities. Since then Nicosia has always served as the capital of Cyprus. The city was annexed by several major powers including the Ottomans. On July 5, 1878, the city came under the rule of Great Britain. Soon, like other British colonies, the struggle for independence from British rule started in Cyprus and Nicosia served as one of the venues for violent protests against the rule. Finally, in 1960, Cyprus became an independent country with Nicosia as its capital city.

Present-Day Role Of The City As The Capital Of Cyprus

Being Cyprus’ capital city, Nicosia houses the major government buildings and offices of the nation. The Presidential Palace, the official residence, and workplace of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, is located in the city. The House of Representatives or the Parliament of the country also meets at Nechrou, Nicosia. Many other official government buildings and ministerial offices and residences of Cyprus are located in the city.

Nicosia is also the financial and commercial capital of Cyprus. The city hosts the headquarters of all the major banks of the country as well as several international businesses. The head offices of many media companies active in the country are also located in the city. Nicosia is one of the wealthiest cities in the Eastern Mediterranean region in terms of per capita income.


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