What Is The Capital Of Curacao?

Downtown Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, is pictured here.
Downtown Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, is pictured here.

Where Is Curacao?

Curacao is an island nation that is part of the Lesser Antilles group of islands. The nation is located in the southern Caribbean Sea. The coast of Venezuela lies at a distance of about 65 km to the south of the nation. Curacao encompasses an area of 444 square km and houses a population of around 160,000.

What Is The Capital Of Curacao?

Willemstad is the capital of Curacao. In the past, the city served as the capital of the Netherlands Antilles till its dissolution in 2010. As estimated in 2013, Willemstad houses a population of around 150,000. The city experiences a tropical savannah climate.

Willemstad’s historic center has four quarters. Two of them, the Otrobanda and the Punda are separated by the Sint Anna Bay. The bay leads into Schottegat, a natural harbor. The other two quarters, the Pietermaai Smal and the Scharloo are separated by the Waaigat harbor, a smaller harbor than the Schottegat.

History Of The Capital City Of Curacao

Curacao’s capital city was founded by the Dutch West India Company. Willemstad was first founded on the Schottegat’s banks. The natural harbor present in the capital city facilitated trade and commerce. The Atlantic slave trade also flourished here. Of the quarters of Willemstad, Punda was founded in the year 1634 after the Dutch captured Curacao by defeating Spain. Punda was then known as de punt in Dutch. Otrobanda developed at a later stage and is thus regarded as the more modern quarter of Willemstad. Impressive colonial buildings were built in the city by affluent Dutch merchants. Such architecture displays a perfect blend of Spanish and Dutch architectural styles. The unique architectural landscape of Willemstad has led to the inscription of the city as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world.

Present-Day Role Of The City As The Capital Of Curacao

Willemstad houses most of the important government buildings of Curacao since it is the capital of the island country. Fort Amsterdam, the seat of the governor and government of Curacao, is located in the city. Willemstad also has a thriving economy. Tourism is a major industry in this city. The location of the city near the Venezuelan oilfields and its natural harbor has made it a significant refinery and seaport. The favorable tax policies of Willemstad also allows the financial sector in the city to flourish. The Hato International Airport serves the city.


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