What Is Flag Day?

Flag Day celebrated the adoption of the US flag on June 14, 1777.
Flag Day celebrated the adoption of the US flag on June 14, 1777.

The flag of the United States is one of the widely recognized national symbols that is often displayed on both public buildings and private residence. It is a powerful symbol of Americanism and often revered by many. Because of its significance to the American people, June 14 has been set aside to commemorate the adopting of the US flag on June 14, 1777. The day, often referred to as Flag Day, is observed alongside the US Army Birthdays. The Flag Day came into place in 1916 following a proclamation that established June 14 as a Flag Day which was issued by President Woodrow. Flag Day is not considered one of the official federal holidays but is often marked by Flag Day Parades which takes place in different states including Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and New York

History of Flag Day

Although President Woodrow made a proclamation that led to June 14 becoming a Flag Day in 1916, the National Flag Day was finally established in 1946 by the Congress. Pennsylvania was the first US state to commemorate the Flag Day as a state holiday in 1937. Several people and organization played a critical role in the establishment of the Flag Day. These include George Morris who in 1861 first suggested the establishment of a Flag Day. In 1885, Bernard K Cigrand while teaching at Stony Hill School became the first person to organize the observance of Flag Day. The American Flag Day Association of Western Pennsylvania was established 1888 by William Kerr. In 1913, the city of Paterson, New Jersey adopted March 17 as the Flag Day.

National Flag Day Parades

Fairfield Flag Day Parade began around 1910. The parade has been held every year except in 1918. However, Appleton in Wisconsin is considered the oldest parade in the US, having been held since 1950. Massachusetts has continuously held an annual parade since 1952. The largest National Flag Day parade is held annually in Troy, New York. The parade is based on Quincy parade and attracts a crowd of approximately 50,000 people. In Michigan, the Flag Day Parade is often a three-day event which is often held on the weekend of the Flag Day. In the capital of Washington, D.C., the Flag Day is commemorated by the slow smoking of various meats and vegetables in major wards of the city.

Celebrations on Flag Day

The June 14 week is the National Flag Week. During this week, the president of the US issues a proclamation asking the US citizens to hoist the flag for one week. The flag is also hoisted on government buildings. Parades and events are often held in different parts of the country in celebration of the flag. The National Day Flag Foundation observes the Flag Day on the second Sunday of June and the day is often marked by ceremonies such as raising the flag and reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. In California, the Flag Day is observed alongside Bear Flag Revolt. The Californians fly both the national flag and the state flag on this day. For President Trump, June 14 is not only a Flag Day but also his birthday.


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