What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Saudi Arabia Mean?

By Oishimaya Sen Nag on July 30 2018 in World Facts

The flag of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign nation located in the Arabian Peninsula where it is the largest country by area. Deserts occupy large parts of the country. Prior to the formation of the modern-day nation of Saudi Arabia, the area was divided into four distinct regions. Ibn Saud united these regions to form Saudi Arabia in 1932. He then established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the united territory that he had conquered. Today, the country continues to be an absolute monarchy. The Saudi culture is defined by the Wahhabi religious movement of Sunni Islam which is regarded as the most conservative form of the religion. Saudi Arabia is a highly prosperous nation as its economy is largely fuelled by the oil and gas trade.

History Of The Flag Of Saudi Arabia

The ruling Al Saud family of the nation is closely linked with the family of Al ash-Sheikh, the leading religious family in the country. Together, the two families control the country’s political and religious scene. The relation between these two families developed when Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (whose descendants comprise the Al ash-Sheikh family) helped Al Saud to establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The shahada had been formerly used in the flag used by the religious family and the sword was later added by Al Saud to create the national flag of Saudi Arabia. Some variants of the flag were used till March 15, 1973, when the current version of the country’s flag was formally adopted. Earlier, a variant with a vertical white stripe at the hoist end and another variant with two swords had been used. By 1938, the flag was almost identical to the modern-day flag of Saudi Arabia. However, the sword was then more curved and the shahada and sword occupied more of the space of the flag.

Design Of Saudi Arabia’s Flag

The flag of the country has a green field. A white colored sword lying in the horizontal position is featured on the flag. The tip of the sword faces the flag’s hoist side. Above the sword, the Muslim creed or the Shahada is written in white in the Thuluth script. The Shahada is a declaration of faith in Islam.The sword points in the script’s direction. The flag has an identical design on the obverse and the reverse sides to ensure that the Shahada is read properly from either side of the flag.

Meaning Of The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a predominantly Muslim population. It also hosts some of the holiest pilgrimage sites of Islam. Saudi Arabia strictly follows Islamic principles and Islamic laws. The green color used in the flag is strongly associated with the religion. The sword in the flag symbolizes the strictness with which justice is ensured in the country. The script is also religious in nature.

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