What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Rwanda Mean?

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The flag of Rwanda.

A highly mountainous country, Rwanda is located in Africa’s Great Lakes region. It is one of the continent’s smallest nations. Hunter-gatherers first settled in Rwanda in the stone and iron ages. Later, Bantu peoples migrated to the region. By the mid-18th century, the Kingdom of Rwanda had proven itself to be a well-established and powerful kingdom. However, the independence of the people of the region was lost with the colonization of Rwanda by the Europeans. In 1884, Rwanda became integrated into German East Africa. During the First World War in 1916, Belgium invaded and colonized Rwanda. The European nations that ruled in the region followed a pro-Tutsi policy which led to a revolt by the Hutus in 1959. The Hutu-Tutsi relations became sour and was followed by years of conflicts and violence between the two ethnic groups leading to deadly massacres in which people of both groups suffered greatly and many lost their lives. In 1961, Belgium abolished the monarchy in Rwanda and the country separated from Burundi and emerged as an independent nation on July 1, 1962.

History Of The National Flag Of Rwanda

Prior to the adoption of the present-day flag of Rwanda, another flag was used in the country. This former flag’s design was derived from that of the Ethiopian flag. It was a tricolor of red, yellow, and green with a black “R” in the center. The flag was discarded since it had become associated with the brutal 1994 genocide. The new flag used today was adopted on October 25, 2001. It was designed by Alphonse Kirimobenecyo. It represents heroism, confidence, national unity, and the respect for work.

Design Of Rwanda’s Flag

The flag of Rwanda is a tricolor. It has three horizontal bands of blue, yellow, and green in order from the upper to the lower end of the flag. The yellow and the green bands are of equal size. The blue band has twice the size of the other bands. The upper corner of the blue band towards the fly-side is charged with a yellow sun.

Meaning Of The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Rwanda

The different colors used in Rwanda’s flag have their own symbolic meanings. The yellow color of the flag represents economic development. The blue color symbolizes peace and happiness. The green color used in the flag epitomizes prosperity and hope. The sun is a symbol of enlightenment.

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