What Do the Colors and Symbols of the Flag of Morocco Mean?

By Joseph Kiprop on April 28 2018 in World Facts

The flag of Morocco.

The Kingdom of Morocco adopted its national flag and state ensign on November 17, 1915. When Morocco fell under the control of French and Spanish colonizers, the flag could only be used inland and its use at sea was prohibited. After regaining independence in 1955, Morocco restored its national flag. The flag was designed by Mulay Yusef, Sultan of the Alaouite Dynasty who ruled the kingdom between 1912 and 1927. The Moroccan flag used during the Alaouite dynasty, between 1666 and 1915, was a simple red banner with no markings.

Description and Symbolism of the Flag of Morocco

The Moroccan national flag is rectangular with a proportion of 2:3. The flag is red with an open green star, which has five points, at the center. The star has five continuous branches, each having a width of one-twentieth its length. According to the constitution, one point should always point upward. The red color is significant in Morocco as it proclaims descent from the Alaouite dynasty, and therefore red in the flag symbolizes strength, bravery, valor, and hardiness. Green represents for hope, peace, love, wisdom, joy, and is also the color of Islam. The five-pointed star represents the five pillars of Islam.

Historical National Flags

The dynasties of Idrisid and Almoravid, which ruled Morocco from 780 until 974 and from 1070 until 1147, respectively, used white silk banners which were primarily use in battle. The latter, however, included an Arabic inscription which translates to “There is no god but God, and Mohammad is His Prophet.” The Almohad dynasty that ruled between 1147 and 1269 had a red flag with a charge at the center resembling a chess board with 64 black and white squares. The Marinid dynasty took over from 1258 until 1420 and used a red flag bearing an octagon star and an outline along the edges, both in yellow. The Saadi dynasty also used this flag during its reign, which began in 1554 and ended in 1659. From 1666 until 1915, the Alaouite dynasty ruled Morocco and had a red flag with no markings.

Other Moroccan National Flags

Other flags used in Morocco include the civil and naval ensigns. The civil ensign is similar to the national flag, but also includes a yellow crown and yellow star located in the canton (upper left corner). The naval ensign in Morocco resembles the civil ensign, but with a yellow crown and star in all of four corners. The Kingdom of Morocco also uses a naval jack which is similar to the national flag but is swallow-tailed and has a yellow borderline. The Royal Standard of Morocco is green and bears the Moroccan Coat of arms at the center.

Morocco’s National Symbols

Morocco’s national symbols include the national flag, motto, coat of arms, and animal. The country’s motto states “Akuc, Amur, Agllid” which translates to “God, Homeland, King.” The Moroccan Coat of Arms consists of two lions holding a shield, which bears a green pentagram, the Atlas Mountains, and a rising sun on a red background. Below the shield is a ribbon inscribed with the nation’s Motto in Arabic. Morocco’s national animal is a Barbary lion.

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