What Continent is France In?

Metropolitan France, the mainland region in Europe, constitutes the primary part of the French Republic.
Metropolitan France, the mainland region in Europe, constitutes the primary part of the French Republic.

All About France

France, formerly known as the French Republic, is located in the western part of the European continent. The inhabitants speak French, which is both the national and official language. The country has 67 million people. The entire nation (including the overseas regions) accumulate to an area of 643,801 square kilometers. The form of government is unitary-presidential. Moreover, France is made up of Metropolitan France, other overseas territories in South America, and islands in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans including a section of Antarctica. The country’s capital and largest city is Paris. Other significant towns include Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille-Nice, Lille, and Toulouse.

The national motto is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" and the colors of the national flag are red, white and blue. The dominant religion in France is Christianity, practiced by at least 51.1% of the inhabitants. The legislature of France is made up of the upper house, comprising of the Senate, and the lower house, comprising of the national assembly. The national assembly consists of 577 members (deputies) which constitute 93.4% from Metropolitan France (539), 4.7% from Overseas France (27), and 1.9% are from other French citizens in foreign nations (11). Furthermore, the national currency is Euros, and the estimated GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of France is $2.826 trillion as at 2017.

Metropolitan France

Metropolitan France constitutes the primary part of the French Republic. It is the mainland/continental region in Europe. It constitutes the mainland, islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and islands in the Mediterranean Sea, for example, Corsica Island. The region forms the lion's share of 82.2% of the total land of the French Republic and the majority of the populace (95.9% of the entire population). The total population of Metropolitan France is approximately 64,860,000 people. The map of this region is hexagonal hence the name I'Hexagone.

Overseas France

Overseas France is not within the continent of Europe. It has an estimated population of about 2,735,000 people as at 2017. It has a vast area of 551,394 square kilometers. The primary language spoken by the majority in this region is French, but others speak Guianan Creole, Antillean Creole, and many more. All the residents in these overseas territories are citizens of France. They have equal rights like those in Metropolitan France. They exercise their democratic right of voting and choosing leaders. Moreover, overseas France has a total of eleven departments (territories) including French Polynesia (South Pacific Ocean), Guiana (South America), New Caledonia (South Pacific Ocean), and Saint Martin (Antilles).

Other territories include Saint Pierre and Miquelon (South East of Canada), Martinique (Antilles), Mayotte (Africa, Mozambique channel), Reunion (Africa, Indian Ocean), Guadeloupe (Antilles), Saint Barthelemy (Antilles), and Wallis and Futuna (South Pacific Ocean). The most significant settlements in Overseas France are Noumea and Papeete. Furthermore, the entire overseas has 21 senators with the highest number being 4 in Reunion. Guadeloupe is the most populated city in Overseas France with about 315,684 people, Guiana being the least with 102,089 inhabitants.


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