What Are The Ayo Rocks?

Cactuses and lizards are primarily found around the Ayo Rocks.
Cactuses and lizards are primarily found around the Ayo Rocks.

Description And History

The Ayo Rock formations refer to colossal stones that are situated in the Caribbean island of Aruba, about some two miles from the neighborhood of Casibari. This particular neighborhood is itself home to a singular attraction of stone pillars known as the Casibari Boulders. To get to these boulders, one will have to travel a couple of miles inwards towards an area that is sandwiched by the non-operational Natural Bridge and the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad. For a better clarity of the location, Oranjestad is located in the western side of the town of Boca Andicuri.

The towering rock designs close to each other lie in a region which is peaceful and cool. The effect of this combination is a jaw-dropping picturesque sight that is equally unsettling in its majesty and grandeur. In addition, it also helps to provide meaningful insights as to why natives worshipped at the site.

The first settlers on the island were the Arawak people who were of Indian descent. These people used the rocks in order to determine whether not there was a thunderstorm approaching. As earlier stated, they also used the rock formations as a religious site. Evidence of religious activities around the pillars is obtained from the plenty of petroglyphs around the site.


Perhaps the most captivating and notable feature is the Casibari Boulders. These rocks are of a tonalite nature that are mostly found to the north of a volcanic feature known as Hooiberg, which is approximately 540 feet high. These rocks have two distinct features namely their towering elevations above the desert’s base and a reddish hue that is almost close to brown. From its heights, it is possible to have a nigh perfect entire view of the island of Aruba if the weather allows. The surroundings of the boulders mostly consists of cacti with lizards being the most common animals living around.

To make the rocks even more interesting, some of them have different interesting shapes such as dragons and birds. Up to this point, experts have been unable to come up with a reasonable theory or reason as to why these rocks are located on the flat and sandy island of Aruba. However, it is pretty obvious that the geographical features on the island of Aruba are of volcanic origin. Some sections of the island have coral-like rocks. The explanation for the coral rocks is that they formed when the sea levels around the island were higher. There is also a whole region of full of boulders that are of a diorite nature which gives the impression of a heap of boulders.

Walking Trails

Visitors to the site can enjoy some leisure walking in the trails that have been prepared all around the formation. These tracks pass through plenty of narrow tunnels that sometimes make walking through them a challenge. Upon admission into the site, visitors are greeted by the Dragon Mouth rock formation. If they are lucky and the weather around the island is clear, they may catch a glimpse of the entire island or even the coast of Venezuela.


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