What and When is International Human Solidarity Day?

Human solidarity day is observed every year in December.
Human solidarity day is observed every year in December.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda that are in line with international human solidarity are social inclusion, decreasing inequalities, sustainability and poverty and hunger management. The United Nations General Assembly identified solidarity as key to relations at many levels including the international stage in the 21st century. Following this, by resolution 60/209 in the year 2005 the U.N. General Assembly declared 20th December the International Human Solidarity Day. Prior to that there existed a Solidarity Fund that was established in 2003 by a United Nations resolution 57/265 whose goal was sustenance and development of developing nations in the world by way of poverty alleviation especially in the poorest of nations. On 20th December every year, this day is observed all over the world.

About International Human Solidarity Day

Observing this day serves to celebrate human diversity on the face of the earth which ranges from cultural to social aspects. It is in and during this celebration that awareness is created on the importance of coexistence and social inclusion despite the diversity. Need for peace and unity is spread through messages that dwell on the positivity of solidarity. It is on this day that reminders are shared about governments’ commitments to agreements signed on the international level. These reminders then spark debates surrounding solidarity, poverty reduction and sustainability of nations. Through the year, it is expected that governments have initiatives that are planned towards fostering human solidarity. It is on this day that an emphasis is made on the importance of taking action on the already set up initiatives.


The International Human Solidarity Day comes with communication of inclusion, coexistence and a celebration of diversity all of which are great factors towards restoration of peace in the world. Peace among nations, continents, cities and individuals promotes a cycle of togetherness on many levels of interaction which is very important in the human race. With peaceful interaction comes a sense of security. Incidences of nations going to war with each other as well as individuals mistreating each other are highly reduced. Human solidarity provides a unity which in turn plays a critical role in pushing for actions in initiatives that promote international and local development. This is what has made international problem solving highly manageable since diverse parties can peacefully coexist.


At the international, regional, national and community level all the roles that human solidarity plays like fostering peace, promoting diversity, poverty alleviation and community development don’t change. What changes is the scale at which the roles are played. Nevertheless, the importance of human solidarity is pivotal to development regardless of the level the change is experienced.


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