US States With The Most Mosques

There are a growing number of mosques in the US. This is a list of the US states with the most mosques.

Mosques are religious places of worship for persons of the Islamic faith. The distribution and number of mosques in the US depends largely on the population of Muslims within a particular state. The growth of mosques in the US has been on the rise, with more than 2000 mosques found today. A large number of mosques have led to improved religious tolerance and freedom for Muslim Americans.

Virginia - 27

Virginia has the tenth largest number of mosques at 27. Some of the mosques in Virginia include the Islamic Centre of Virginia, Islamic Society of Charlottesville, the Islamic Centre of Richmond, and the Islamic Centre of Tidewater.

Georgia - 40

Georgia has 40 mosques including Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta, Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam, Community Masjid of Atlanta, Masjid At-Taqwa and Roswell Community Masjid.

Florida - 42

Florida has 42 mosques with a considerable number in Miami. Some of the mosques in Florida include Masjid Al-Ansar, Masjid Al-Fayza of Miami, Madinatul Ilm Islamic Centre and the Muslim American Society of Tampa.

Illinois - 43

Illinois is a Midwestern state with 43 mosques including the oldest standing mosque named the Al-Sadiq Mosque. Other mosques in Illinois include Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center, the Islamic Center of Schaumburg –Masjid Al-Huda and the Albanian-American Islamic Center.

Pensssylvania - 43

Pennsylvania has 43 mosques including the Islamic Center of Central Pennsylvania, the Islamic Centre of Chester County, North Penn Mosque and the Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley.

Michigan - 55

Michigan comes very close to New Jersey with 55 mosques. Some of the mosques in Michigan include Masjid Bilal, Islamic Centre of Michigan City, Kalamazoo Islamic Centre and the Islamic Association of Michigan.

New Jersey - 56

There are a total of 56 mosques in New Jersey, the fourth largest number in the US. Notable mosques in New Jersey include Jam-e-Masjid Islamic Center, Masjid-e-Ali, Islamic foundation of New Jersey- Masjid Jalalabad, and the Muslim Centre of Middlesex County.

Texas - 58

Texas has 58 mosques with the largest population of Muslims in Houston. Mosques in the state include the Islamic Association of North Texas, the East Texas Islamic Society, the Islamic Association of the Colony, and the Islamic Community of Bryan.

New York - 131

New York has the second largest number of mosques at 131 and the largest metropolitan Muslim population in the US. Brooklyn has the largest number of mosques in New York. Top mosques in New York include the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, the Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan, the Islamic Center at New York University and Masjid Manhattan.

California (198)

California has the largest number of mosques in the US at 198. Most of these mosques are located in Southern California. Some mosques in California include the Islamic Centre of Southern California, Masjid An-Nur, King Fahad Mosque, the Islamic Society of Orange County and Masjid Bilal.

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