Top Performing Countries In The WSF World Team Squash Championships (Men's)

The World Squash Federation has held the WSF World Team Squash Championships since 1967.
The World Squash Federation has held the WSF World Team Squash Championships since 1967.

The World Squash Federation retains the mandate to organize the WSF World Team Squash Championships. Nations are represented by teams comprising of three or four players. The championships were first arranged in 1967 for the men and 1976 for the women. The participating states must be members of the WSF which has federations in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. The tournament is arranged every two years, and the venue changes every time. Australia, Pakistan, England, Egypt, Great Britain, and New Zealand are among the top performers in these championships.

The Top Performing Nations


Australia has bagged eight gold medals in addition to three silvers and seven bronze medals. Squash Australia has the mandate to choose a national Men's Team to participate in the World Men's Team Championship. The team brings together the country's best elite players who take part in the professional circuit. The Australian team has blue as its color, and it is coached by Byron Davis. The team last emerged victorious in 2003 when the World Team Squash Championships was organized in Vienna. Australia's team managed to be in 2nd place in the 2007 championships in Chennai.


Pakistan established prominence in the sport for five decades and reached its climax in the 1980s and 1990s. Pakistan bagged 14 World Open titles and more than 30 British Open titles from 1950 to 1997. Pakistan has six World Team Squash Championships titles in addition to four silvers and one bronze medals. Its most recent title was acquired in the 1993 tournament which was arranged in the country. The Pakistan Squash Federation is charged with governing the country’s men’s national squash team.


The activities of the men's national squash team in England are overseen by the England Squash and Racketball. The team bagged its first title in 1995 when it won first place in Egypt. The team's winning streak continued in 1997 when it bagged the gold medal in the championship held in Malaysia. England's squash team emerged victorious in the 2005 and 2007 international squash championships organized in Pakistan and India respectively. The team’s latest title was in 2013 when France hosted the championship.


Egypt has been churning out world-class squash players since the 1930s. Squash particularly achieved prominence in the country during the tenure of President Hosni Mubarak. The President channeled more funding to squash and also brought the renown Al-Ahram tournament. The country's national squash team achieved its 1st gold medal in the 1999 international championships organized in the country. The team got the title in 2009 in Denmark and again in 2011 in Germany.

Squash and the Olympics

The WSF has been enthusiastically campaigning for the inclusion of squash in the Olympics. Leading squash players have also added their voices. The WSF's bid has however been unsuccessful, and it was excluded from the 2020 Olympics being organized in Japan. A common belief regarding squash is that it is not television-suitable as the ball is difficult to see and the courts are hard to film. The WSF has turned its attention to the 2024 Olympic games.

Top Performing Countries In The WSF World Team Squash Championships (Men's)

1 Australia83718
2 Pakistan64111
3 England53614
4 Egypt3339
5 Great Britain24-6
6 New Zealand-314
7 France-235
8 Canada-1-1
9 Wales-1-1
10 South Africa--22
11 Finland--11

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