Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players

As of 2017, these athletes are getting paid the most to be professional soccer (football) players.

Among all the athletes in the world, footballers are the highest paid. Career soccer is one of the most lucrative sports. It is signified by the amounts of contract fees, hiring amount and even promotion fees. Over the years the soccer industry has experienced a significant inflation on player’s prices. This has been brought about by wealthy investors taking over ownership of football clubs. This has been experienced in Europe when the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovic bought Chelsea Football Club. Everything about player contracts changed and the club was able to compete for high profile players with big established clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona. Such has been witnessed in quite a number of clubs in Europe. Over the years, Europe had always dominated as the most paying continent in matters associated with football. However, the sport is also gaining popularity in Asian countries such as China. From the analysis below, almost half of the highest paid players are from Chinese Football League.

10. W.Rooney - 15.8

The Englishman plays for Manchester United Football Club comes at 10th position in the highest paid footballer. The forward cum midfielder is believed to pocket close to 15.8 M € per year. The other attributes of the huge amount of his payments are due to his modeling deals of various brands including Samsung, Nike and Harper Collins.

9. A.Witsel - 16

The Belgian international switched from Zenit St. Petersburg to the Chinese side Tianjin Quanjian for a lucrative sum of money. It is believed that he earns up to 16 m € per year and this explains the reasons he had to turn down deals from the most established European clubs such as Juventus who had sought his services. He is currently among the top ten highest paid footballers.

8. Neymar - 17.6

Neymar is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Barcelona Football Club. He plays as a forward and also as a winger. Half of his earnings are from endorsements as he is a brand ambassador for Nike, Volkswagen, Castrol, and Panasonic. The other portion of his salary comes from his Spanish club. At 17.6 M € per year, he is ranked at the 8th position worldwide.

7. P. Pogba - 17.7

The French International is the highest paid player in Manchester United Football Club and in the English Premier League. He is also the most expensive player in terms of hiring in the history of football after commanding a staggering amount of close to 100 million pounds when he switched from Juventus to Manchester United. He is among the top ten most paid footballers in the world of football as he comes at 7th position.

6. G. Bale - 19.5

The wales International is playing for Real Madrid which according to Forbes is the richest football club in the world. At a wage of 19.5 M € per year, he is the second highest paid Real Madrid player and the third most paid footballer in Spain’s League. Before the transfer fee of Pogba, Gareth Bale held the world record of the most expensive player as he was valued at about 85 million pounds.

5. Hulk - 20

On the summer of 2016, the Brazilian forward Hulk switched from Zenit St. Petersburg in Russia to the Chinese side Shanghai SIPG. He is one among the many footballers lured by the lucrative Chinese deals that have taken the footballing world by storm. He earns an amount thought to be in the regions of 20.0 M € per year and the third highest paid footballer in the Chinese Super League and the fifth in the world.

4. Oscar - 24.4

At fourth place is Oscar dos Santos the Brazilian international who plays for Shanghai SIPG in China. He moved to the Chinese club from Chelsea commanding a transfer fee of £52 million, the highest to have ever been paid by the Chinese club. He earns approximately 24.4 M € per year which are about four times higher than the amount he earned in Chelsea. He is the highest paid player in Shanghai SIPG and the second highest paid player in the Chinese Super League. He plays as an attacking midfielder for both his club and country.

3. L. Messi - 36

Arguably the best player in the world when considering the number of times he has won the Balon de Oro, Lionel Messi comes as the 3rd placed highest paid footballer in the world. The Barcelona number 10 is the highest paid player in his Spanish club and the second highest paid footballer in Argentina. He is also the second highest paid footballer in the Spanish League. He also earns more from his endorsement deals as he is the brand ambassador of Adidas which is the world’s second biggest sports brand. He is believed to be earning something close to 36.0 M €.

2. C. Tevez - 37.5

Surprisingly at the second position is the Argentine Carlos Tevez. He is not of the same quality with his fellow Argentine at the third position but getting a hefty pay all the same. He plays for the Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua. His wages are more than the average wage of any Briton. He left his boyhood club Boca Juniors to sign this lucrative two-year deal with Shanghai Shenhua. He was thought to be the highest paid footballer after his deal with the Chinese club but when all factors were considered he was found to be trailing Cristiano Ronaldo in what he pockets as a take home. 37.5 M € per year is way above his expectations and he is lucky to have had such a deal considering his age and quality level.

1. C. Ronaldo - 38.9

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese international playing for Real Madrid Football Club. The forward has had a successful career from the clubs he has played for including Manchester United. He is the highest paid footballer in the world. The reason as to this despite his salary frequently reported as to being lower than that of Tevez is because his basic wages are often reported on an after-tax net basis. Adding on his huge endorsements he earns more besides his clubs wages. It is because of these factors therefore that Cristiano Ronaldo remains the highest paid footballer.

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