The World's Most Stable Countries

The Port of Turku, Finland. Finland is on the list of the world's least fragile states.
The Port of Turku, Finland. Finland is on the list of the world's least fragile states.

Many of the world's most stable countries can be found in northern Europe. Stable economies, political stability, and better living conditions are some of the factors that propel the Nordic states to the top of the least fragile countries in the world. The index has a maximum score of 120 which signifies a failed state. With the index, the lower the score, the better.

5. Sweden - 22.1

Sweden is politically and economically stable. The Swedish government is ranked among the most transparent governments. Sweden is ranked fourth by the Corruption Perceptions Index. It tops the European Innovation Scoreboard 2016 due to its competitive market and conducive business environment. It was ranked the country with the highest reputation by RepTrak Reputation Ranking. Infrastructure, security, education, and health services are among the best in Europe.

4. Denmark - 21.5

Denmark’s economy is dominated by a highly advanced agricultural sector, a developed pharmaceutical industry, renewable energy and an efficient maritime and shipping industry. It is among the few countries with a favorable balance of trade obtained from exporting food, oil, and gas. It was ranked among the countries with the happiest people. The public service works on the basis that all people are equal and deserve equal treatment in the society. It is among the most secure countries in the world. The education, health, and social services are among the best in the world.

3. Switzerland - 21.1

Switzerland is known to be a neutral state. It does not participate in external conflicts, and its forces are only used to maintain order internally and prevent external aggression. Switzerland is not a member of the EU though it is surrounded by EU members. It joined the UN in 2002. The federal structure creates an interdependency between state agencies resulting in a reliable government. The free market policy is observed and subject to few regulations. The tax system is attractive, and the service sector dominated the economy. The education, health, and public sector are well developed.

2. Norway - 20.5

Norway is ranked the second most stable country in the world. It is a highly developed country with excellent infrastructure and social amenities. The level of crime is low compared to other developed countries, and the organized crime is nearly unheard of. The living conditions are high, and it is ranked among the safest countries on Earth. Freedom of the press in observed and protected by the constitution while cases of violation of human rights are among the lowest. The country is known to host refugees and asylum seekers. Civil unrest in the country is unheard of, and its armed forces are yet to participate in international conflicts.

1. Finland - 18.7

According to the Fund for Peace report, Finland is the world's most stable country. The Nordic state was ranked the safest state on earth according to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017. In 2016, The Legatum Prosperity Index ranked Finland the best-governed state on Earth. There are no indicators of organized crime in the country, and the World Economic Forum ranked Finland’s judiciary as the most independent judiciary in the world. Few cases of corruption are reported in the state; education is among the best, and health care is free.

The World's Least Fragile Countries

RankCountry Ranking (Out of 178, With 178 Being the Most Stable)Score
9New Zealand17022.6

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