The World's Largest Exporters of Copper Housewares

Copper housewares rank among the top 1,000 most traded products in the world.
Copper housewares rank among the top 1,000 most traded products in the world.

Copper is a metal found naturally on Earth that turns a stunning red when processed. The harmonized international classification of goods has categorized copper housewares as a HS92 commodity. The metal is used to make a lot of tools, ranging from industrial to household equipment also referred to as houseware. These copper home products have been identified by several other names including polishing pads, ornamentals, and pot scourers. Copper housewares are highly utilized and traded and rank among the top 1,000 most traded products in the world. Here are the top producers of copper housewares in the world.

Top Exporters of Copper Housewares


China is amongst the largest importers and exporters of copper. This goes to tell you that they process most of the imported metal to make household items. Two types of copper exist in China, metal that is imported officially and metal being stored in bonded warehouses. The first type of metal faces a long bureaucracy process, while the second type is more straightforward. China’s largest import partners for copper houseware include the United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The total export figure amounted to $282M for the year 2016.


Germany exported copper worth $96M in 2016. Its top import partners include the United States who buys 14% of the total copper houseware exports, France and Austria accounting for 10% of the export product, followed by China and Switzerland who purchases 7.7% and 7.3% respectively. Germany imports of copper in 2016 cost around $64.4M.


India is the third biggest exporter of copper houseware. According to the Atlas Media report for 2016 trade records, India made $63.8M from exporting copper housewares. The United Arab Emirates is India’s biggest importer accounting for 36% of the product followed by Saudi Arabia at 18%, Afghanistan at 9%, and the United States at 6.6%.

The Philippines

The Philippines is the 4th largest exporter of copper houseware. The country made a total of $37.3M for the year 2016 just from exporting copper houseware. The Philippines only has one import partner for this product; Japan is the sole buyer of copper housewares from The Philippines.


Italy is a notable mention among copper houseware exporters in the world. It exported copper housewares worth $36.5M in 2016. Among its biggest import partners for the product include Germany which buys 18% of Italy’s exports, France buying 13%, Spain buying 6.7%, and the United States which buys 6.3%.

Exportation vs Production of Copper

The highest exporters of copper houseware do not necessarily mean they belong in the category of highest copper producers in the world. While some countries produce copper, they may end up specializing in manufacturing other items from the copper and thus have to buy copper housewares from other countries. The other important note to make is that while some countries like Germany export large amounts of copper housewares, they also import with almost the same figures.

The World's Largest Exporters of Copper Housewares

RankCountryExport Value (Millions of USD)

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