The Tallest Peaks In North America

In North America, the 19,685 ft or 6000 m tall Mount Denali is the tallest mountain.
In North America, the 19,685 ft or 6000 m tall Mount Denali is the tallest mountain.

In North America, the 19,685 ft or 6000 m tall Mount Denali is the tallest mountain. The next three tallest peaks are taller than 5,500 m while 21 peaks are greater than 4,500 m tall. Of the 200 tallest peas of North America, 160 are found in the US and 30 in Canada. Mexico has the next highest number of tallest peaks in the continent with 11 peaks in the top 200. Seven of North America’s 200 tallest summits lie on the border between the US and Canada.

10. Mount Bona

Located in eastern Alaska, Mount Bona is the fifth tallest mountain in the US and the tenth tallest one in the continent. The mountain is an ice-clad stratovolcano and is the country’s highest volcano. Mount Boa is the source of the Klutlan Glacier and other smaller glaciers. It also contributes ice to the Russell Glacier system. The first successful ascent to the summit of Mount Bona was made in 1930.

9. King Peak

North America’s ninth tallest mountain, King Peak is located in Yukon, Canada. A few students of the University of Alaska first summited the King Peak on June 6, 1952.

8. Iztaccíhuatl

The 17,160 ft tall dormant volcano named Iztaccíhuatl is found in Mexico. This mountain is located on the border between the Mexican states of Puebla and the State of Mexico. The name of the mountain means "White woman” in the local language. Iztaccíhuatl has four snow-capped peaks and during clear weather, the mountain can be viewed from Mexico City, located about 70 km away from the mountain. Iztaccíhuatl was first summited in 1889, as per record. However, it is believed that the locals of the region have ascended to the top of the mountain even earlier.

7. Mount Lucania

The seventh highest mountain in North America is Mount Lucania. The mountain is located in Canada Yukon territory. It is connected to Mount Steele by a long ridge. Mount Lucania is 17,257 ft tall and is named after a ship called RMS Lucania. It is the third highest peak in Canada and the 15th most prominent peak in the continent. In 1937, the mountain was first summited.

6. Mount Foraker

Located in the Denali National Park, Alaska, Mount Foraker is a 17,400 ft tall mountain. The lower north peak of the mountain was first summited on August 6, 1934, while the higher southern peak was summited four days later. The mountain has been named after a US Senator named Joseph B. Foraker.

5. Popocatépetl

The active volcano of Popocatépetl is located in Mexico and is 17,802 ft tall. It is the fifth tallest peak in North America and the second highest one in Mexico. The mountain, located at a distance of about 70 km away from Mexico City, can often be seen from the city. Although the mountain had glaciers in the past, it no longer has any more glaciers. The volcano has had over 15 major eruptions since 1519.

4. Mount Saint Elias

Located at the border between the US state of Alaska and the Canadian territory of Yukon, about 40 km to Mount Logan’s southwest, Mount Saint Elias is the second highest peak of both these countries. On July 16, 1741, Mount Saint Elias was first discovered by a Russian named Vitus Bering. The mountain rises to a height of 18,008 ft. The mountain was first summited by Prince Luigi Amadeo di Savoia and his team on July 31, 1897.

3. Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl)

Mexico’s highest mountain and the world’s second most prominent volcanic peak, the Pico de Orizaba, is the third highest peak in North America. The dormant stratovolcano rises to a height of 18,491 ft above sea level. The mountain is found at the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt’s eastern end. The last eruption of the Pico de Orizaba happened in the 19th century.

2. Mount Logan

The second highest peak in North America, Mount Logan is 19,551 ft tall. The mountain is located in the Kluane National Park Reserve in the Canadian territory of Yukon and is the country’s tallest mountain. Mount Logan is named after a Canadian geologist William E. Logan. The Logan and the Hubbard glaciers originate at Mount Logan. The mountain is in a state of growth due to tectonic movements and is thus attaining greater heights with passing time.

1. Denali

Mount Denali is the tallest peak in the continent of North America. The mountain rises to an elevation of 20,310 feet. In terms of prominence, the mountain is the world’s third most prominent peak. The central feature of Alaska’s Denali National Park, Mount Denali is also the world’s third most isolated peak. The first recorded ascent to the summit of Denali was made on June 7, 1913, by a group of four mountaineers who took the route of the South Summit. Currently, the most popular route to summit Mount Denali is the West Buttress route which was first used by Bradford Washburn in 1951.

The Tallest Peaks In North America

RankMountain peakRegionMountain rangeElevationProminence
1Denali AlaskaAlaska Range6190.5 m 20,310 ft6141 m 20,146 ft
2Mount Logan YukonSaint Elias Mountains5959 m 19,551 ft5247 m 17,215 ft
3Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl) Puebla VeracruzCordillera Neovolcanica5636 m 18,491 ft4922 m 16,148 ft
4Mount Saint Elias Alaska YukonSaint Elias Mountains5489 m 18,009 ft3429 m 11,250 ft
5Popocatépetl México Morelos PueblaCordillera Neovolcanica5410 m 17,749 ft3040 m 9,974 ft
6Mount Foraker AlaskaAlaska Range5304 m 17,400 ft2210 m 7,250 ft
7Mount Lucania YukonSaint Elias Mountains5260 m 17,257 ft3080 m 10,105 ft
8Iztaccíhuatl México PueblaCordillera Neovolcanica5230 m 17,159 ft1560 m 5,118 ft
9King Peak YukonSaint Elias Mountains5173 m 16,972 ft1073 m 3,520 ft
10Mount Bona AlaskaSaint Elias Mountains5044 m 16,550 ft2103 m 6,900 ft

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