The Republican Party Of The United States

The symbol of the Republican party. Editorial credit: cowardlion /
The symbol of the Republican party. Editorial credit: cowardlion /

5. Overview

The Republican Party is also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP) of the United States of America. The current ideological approach of the party supports free enterprise, market capitalism, a strong defense of the nation, restriction on the labor unions, opposition to the same-sex marriage and abortion, free business and traditional values. They also have the highest majority in the US Congress and a majority of the seats in the Senate. Out of 98 partisans in the State Legislative Chambers, 68 of them are having a Republican majority in the house.

4. Organizational History

The Party emerged in the year 1854 to oppose the Kansas-Nebraska Act whose main aim was to extend slavery to other territories of the American country. The Republican Party was not present in the south but in the northern region, they established the former Democrats of Free Soil and the Whigs. The Party also came into power after the election of Abraham Lincoln as the President of the United States of America, and it worked towards abolishing slavery from the country. The Party dominated the political scenario till the year 1932 but lost during the period of Great Depression. They also worked towards economic growth by promoting higher wages and higher profits, economic growth through higher tariffs, pension for the Union veterans, promotion of railroads, agriculture, mines and much more. Until date, Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican Party President out of 18 elected Republican Presidents.

3. Contributions

The Republican Party has also made a great contribution to the nation as they have introduced many economic and fiscal policies that have given benefits to lots of people. They were in the support of the reduction of taxes to boost economic growth, individual monetary freedom for the citizens, oppose legal rights given to gays, lesbians, etc. The Party also contributed towards the national defense by supporting the policies related to American National Security with strong defense policies. The Republicans were also instrumental in improving the environmental conditions in the country by formulating policies for establishing of National Parks and curbing carbon emissions. They also introduced reforms in the immigration policy to restrict illegal immigration to the country. Gun control laws were also implemented by the Republicans.

2. Controversy and Criticism

Time and again, several controversies and criticisms have surrounded the Republic Party and its candidates. There have been accusations that party is extremely conservative and biased in nature. The party is internally divided on various issues like the legalization of same-sex marriages. While a majority of the under 49-year old members of the party are in support of such unions, the older members of the party are mostly against such laws. During the presidential tenure of the Republican candidate, George W. Bush, several allegations were imposed on the party as national debts rose in the country during his tenure.

1. Modern Significance and Legacy

The Republican Party continues to play a significant role in the politics of US today. Currently, the party is contesting the 2016 presidential elections in the country presenting Donald Trump as the presidential nominee. Trump's agenda includes combating illegal immigration to the US, checking terrorism by temporarily banning immigration from countries with proven records of terrorist activities, etc. Only time will reveal the results of the elections and the success or failure of Trump and his party in their endeavors to govern the US.


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