The Religious Composition Of Ireland

Catholic Christians constitute the majority (84.2%) of the population of Ireland while 6.2% of the population are not affiliated to any faith.

The largest religion in Ireland is Christianity based on the number of baptisms. According to the Constitution of Ireland, the state is not allowed to endorse any specific religion as it guarantees freedom of religion. Initially, the Constitution of Ireland of 1937 granted the Roman Catholic Church a "special position" as it was the denomination with the majority of followers. However, in 1972 this special position was removed.

Overview Of Religion In Ireland

Christianity in Ireland dates back to the 5th century and it is thought to have emerged through the interaction with the Roman Britain. The earliest form of Christian worship is estimated to have reached the pagan Ireland in 400CE. Monasteries started to emerge in the 6th century which became the centers of excellence for people from all Europe

Roman Catholicism In Ireland

The Catholic Church in Ireland, as with many Catholic churches, belongs to worldwide Catholic Church that is under the pope's spiritual leadership in Rome. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in Ireland and the largest Christian denomination with a population of 84.2%. The population of Catholics in Ireland is about 4.7 million

Non-religious Population Of Ireland

According to a poll carried out in 2006 by Dentsu, approximately 7% of Ireland's population had no religion. In 2003, another statistic by Greeley concluded that 5% of the population in Ireland did not believe in the existence of God while 2% identified as an atheist.

Protestantism In Ireland

Protestants constitute another Christian denomination that is not Roman Catholic. Protestantism is a minority Christian faith in Ireland accounting for 4.6% of the population. Despite this low percentage it is still the second largest religious group in Ireland.

Other Religions Practiced In Ireland

Other religions in Ireland account for 2.8% of the country's population. Other religions include Buddhism which accounts for about 0.19% of the population. Buddhism in the country has also seen an increase in syncretism with another form of religions using Buddhist techniques for meditation. According to a census report done in 2011, Hinduism in Ireland had increased with more than triple the number it was in 2009 while Judaism population accounts for about 1,984 followers. New age religious movements are also becoming popular in Ireland mostly as a form syncretism for people belonging to an establish religion. There are also some Neo-paganism movements active in the country which mostly consists of Neo-Druidry, Wicca and Celtic Polytheism.

The Religious Composition Of Ireland

RankReligionPopulation Practicing The Religion (%)
1Roman Catholic84.2
5Other Religions2.8

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