The Northernmost Points Of The Northernmost Countries In The World

Kaffeklubben Island off the far northern coast of Greenland as seen from above.
Kaffeklubben Island off the far northern coast of Greenland as seen from above.

The northernmost point of the Earth is surrounded by a latitudinal cross section known as the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle is on northernmost side of the five major circles of latitude. There is no fix position of the Arctic Circle but it lies at the latitude of 66°33’39’’ North. It has mostly a colder climate. The temperatures in in places like Siberia can even decline to -40 degrees Celsius. Here is a list of top three Northernmost Points of two countries, and one dependent state, that stretch up into the Arctic Circle.

  • Greenland (Denmark) – Kaffeklubben Island
  • Canada - Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut Zenith Point (mainland)
  • Russia - Cape Fligely, Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land Cape Chelyuskin (mainland)

Demographic, Climatic, and Geographical Characteristics of Far Northern Points

Kaffekluben Island

At 83°39′45″N30°36′50″W lies the Kaffeklubben Island in the Arctic Circle, which is also known as the Coffee club island. The island lies on the tip of Greenland. It is the northernmost point in the world. It lies 713.5 kilometers from the North Pole and extents 0.7 kilometers in length and is 300 meters wide. The island was first discovered by Robert Peary in 1900 but was visited by Danish explorer Lauge Coch. It is uninhabited due to very harsh climate, which mostly remains throughout the year due to coldness and minus degree temperature. Yet there is little vegetation in the area.

Canadian Far North

Ellesmere Island, Cape Columbia and Nunavut Zenith Point(mainland) are the islands in Canada, which are the second northernmost points in the world. Cape Columbia is 761 kilometers away from the North Pole. Ellesmere isle is also the branch of Canadian region, which is 830 kilometers in length. The island has a population of 146 because it is mostly covered with glaciers and ice caps. Nunavut Zenith Point lies at the coordinates of 73°N 091°W and has a total area of 2,038,722 square kilometers. It remains mostly cold throughout the year.

Cape Fligely, Russia

Cape Fligely along with Rudolf Island and Franz Josef Land is the third northernmost point in the world. It lies at the altitude of 81° 51’N 77° 43’N. The point is 911 kilometers from the North Pole and lies in Eurasia and Russia. Rudolf Island is completely glaciated and has no habitat. The climate is harsh and cold, which does not support vegetation. Franz Josef Land is an archipelago which means that it is a chain of Islands. It is a group of 191 islands that cover total distance of 16,134 square kilometers. In winter, the temperature goes down to -40 degree Celsius and in summer it reaches up to 0 to 3 degrees Celsius.

Tourism and Human Presence in the Northernmost Points

Since these areas are mostly covered with glaciers and ice caps, human population is at the minimum in and around most of these points. Since they are covered with ice, they are major attractions for certain kinds of tourists. Though these areas are less inhibited by humans, and are more likely to be home to many wildlife animals like walrus and belugas. These places are also an attraction for adventure through skiing, ice-hockey, and hiking. These islands are next to heaven because of their climate and geography. Most of them have poor tourism due to very harsh climate but islands like Nunavut are pro-tourism places, and the latter is a favorite destination for tourists.

The Northernmost Points Of The Northernmost Countries Of The World

RankCountryNorthernmost Point Latitude
1Greenland (Denmark)Kaffeklubben Island83°40'N
2CanadaCape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut83°06'N
3RussiaCape Fligely, Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land81°51'N
4NorwayRossøya, Svalbard80°49'N
5United StatesPoint Barrow, Alaska71°23'N
6FinlandNuorgam, Utsjoki, Lapland70°05'N
7SwedenTreriksröset, Kiruna, Lapland69°04'N
8IcelandKolbeinsey, Eyjafjarðarsýsla67°08'N

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