The Most Dense Cities in the United States

Hoboken, New Jersey, is one of the most dense cities in the United States.

Population density refers to the number of people who live in a given unit area. The densest cities in the US include Guttenberg, Union City, West New York, Hoboken, Kaser, New York City, Cliffside Park, East Newark, Maywood, and Passaic. Most of the cities are located in the New Jersey State. All of these cities have a density of more than 22,000 residents per square mile.

The Most Dense Cities in the US

Guttenberg, New Jersey is the most densely populated city in the US. According to the 2010 census in the US, it had a population of 11,176 people. However, seven years later the number of residents has risen to 57,116 people for every square mile. Caucasians are the largest race in Guttenberg making up 67.44% of its population. In 2014, there were more females than males at 52.7% and 47.3% respectively. Most of the residents are Democrats as seen in the 2012 election when 77.4% voted for Barack Obama. Some portions of Guttenberg are part of the urban enterprise zone. The mayor of Guttenberg is Gerald Drasheff.

The second densest city in the US is Union City. Union City is a city located in the Hudson County in New Jersey. The 2010 census report indicated that the number of people living in the city was 66,455. At the time, it was the densest US city having a density of 51,810 people per square mile. However, with a current population estimate of 69,296 people, Guttenberg overtook it to become the densest city. Based on the 2010 census, there are more Caucasians in Union City than any other race. The male population was slightly higher than the female population with 100.4 males per every 100 females. The current mayor of Union City is Brian Stack.

With a density of 49,362.40 people per square mile, West New York City is the third densest city in the US. According to the census taken in 2010, the population of the town was 49,708. Among the residents, there were more females than males as evidenced by the 94 males who were counted for every 100 females. In addition, 62% of the population was Caucasian. The mayor in West New York City is Felix Roque.

The fourth most densely populated city in the US is Hoboken, New Jersey. In 2010 it had a population of 50,005. This was a 29.6% increase from the 2009 census. Today, the city has a population of 54,379 people which translates to a population density of 39,212 persons per square mile. Most of the city’s inhabitants are Caucasian. There were more males than females. The mayor of Hoboken is Dawn Zimmer.

Factors Affecting Human Population Density

The factors that affect population density in cities include economic development, temperature, resources, and geography of the regions. The observation is that most people are prone to throng areas with many natural resources, mild temperatures, flat terrains rather than mountainous terrains, and good economic growth patterns. Furthermore, populations of cities may also be affected by their fertility, mortality rates, and immigration laws.

The Most Dense Cities in the United States

RankCityResidents Per Square Mile
2Union City51,810.10
3West New York49,362.40
6New York City27,016.30
7Cliffside Park24,577.10
8East Newark24,060
11Great Neck Plaza21,635.40
12North Bay Village21,484
14Sunny Isles Beach20,518.90
15Huntington Park19,179.50

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