The Largest Shopping Malls in South America

Costanero Center in Santiago, Chile includes a six-floor shopping center and three sky crappers. Editorial credit: Allen.G /
Costanero Center in Santiago, Chile includes a six-floor shopping center and three sky crappers. Editorial credit: Allen.G /

Since the dawn of the 21st century, there has been a tremendous development of malls in South America. Notably, the recently opened malls have outshined older malls in terms of the area they occupy. The new malls are recognized as world-class shopping centers where everything is under one roof. For a mall to be considered a world-class shopping center, it must have a number of internationally recognized stores. Some of the largest malls in South America include the following.

Largest Malls in South America

Centro Mayor

Being the largest mall in South America, Centro Mayor covers a total area of 280,000 square meters. The mall is located in Bogota, Colombia and was officially opened to the public on March 26, 2010. The mall hosts 430 stores, offering different goods and services. The various stores hosted by Centro Mayor include McDonald's, Falabella, La Polar, Telepiza, Hamburguessas El Corral, and Bancolombia. The mall has 3000 additional parking stalls.

Centro Comercial Santafe

The second largest mall is the Centro Comercial Santafe. This mall is located on a 250,000 square meters in Bogota, Colombia. It was opened on May 13, 2006. This mall has a total of 485 stores including 26 restaurants with a capacity to hold up to 1,500 people, 10 cinemas, and 3,200 parking stalls. Some of the internationally recognized stores in the Centro Comercial Santafe are Zara, Falabella, and Jumbo-Hypermarket. The mall is easily accessible by public transport from the municipalities neighboring the city.

Centro Comercial Aricanduva

Centro Comercial Aricanduva is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the Aricanduva Avenue in the Cider Lider District. It covers a total area of 247,000 square meters and has over 500 shopping stores and 14,000 parking stalls. The mall hosts internationally recognized anchor stores such as Peugeot, Suzuki, Yamaha, Volkswagen, Ford, Walmart, and Honda. Centro Comercial Aricanduva is owned by the Centerless Empreendimentos Comerciais Ltda.

Costanera Center

Costanero Center is located in Santiago, Chile, in the Commune of Providencia. It covers an area of 172, 800 square meters. The mall is composed of a six-floor shopping center and three sky crappers. It is a property of the Cencosud. The mall was opened to the public on June 12, 2012. Costanera Center hosts numerous stores, including top fashion houses such as Armani, Swarovski, and Hugo Boss.

Quicentro Sur Shopping

Quicentro Sur Shopping is located in Quito, Ecuador, in the southern region of the city. The location of the mall is adjacent to the Atahualpa Stadium (Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa). It covers an area of 160,000 square meters. The mall was opened on August 10, 2010. It hosts 350 stores and has 3,000 parking spaces. The mall is owned by the DK Management Service and managed by Carmen Recalde. The building was designed by Ekron Construcciones.

​Benefits of Malls

Large malls, such as the ones mention above, provide a one-stop shopping and service area for most of the products and services that clients require. They are also recognized as very profitable ventures for their owners.

The Largest Shopping Malls in South America

RankMall NameLocationSquare Footage (meters squared)
1Centro MayorBogota, Colombia280,000
2Centro Comercial SantafeBogota, Colombia250,000
3Centro Comercial AricanduvaSao Paulo, Brazil247,000
4Costanera CenterSantiago, Chile172,800
5Quicentro Sur ShoppingQuito, Ecuador160,000
6UnicenterBuenos Aires, Argentina155,000
7Mall Plaza OesteSantiago, Chile152,237
8Mall Plaza TrebolTalchauano, Chile131,028
9Mall Plaza NorteSantiago, Chile118,159
10Parque AraucoSantiago, Chile113,500
11Alto Las CondesSantiago, Chile115,258
12Florida CenterSantiago, Chile110,000
13Plaza Lima NorteLima, Peru110,000
14Mall Plaza Los DominicosSantiago, Chile100,152

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