The Largest Cities in Puerto Rico

San Juan, the largest city in Puerto Rico.
San Juan, the largest city in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, found in the northeastern parts of the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is about 1,000 miles to the southeastern side of Miami, Florida. It encompasses the Island of Puerto Rico and various other small islands like Vieques, Culebra, and Mona. Puerto Rico has a population of about 3.4 million and occupies an area of approximately 3,515 sq miles.

The Largest Puerto Rican Cities By Population

San Juan

San Juan is the most highly populated municipality and the capital of Puerto Rico with a population of about 395,326 people. San Juan is the forty-sixth biggest city under the jurisdiction of the U.S. which was established by the Spanish in 1521. It is the third oldest European-founded capital city in the American continents right after Panama City and Santo Domingo.


Bayamon is the second-largest Puerto Rican municipality with a population of about 208,116 people. Bayamon occupies an area of about 44.58 sq miles. Bayamon is situated in the northern coastal valley of Puerto Rico, and it includes Bayamon Pueblo and eleven wards. Bayamon was established as a Spanish settlement by Juan Arellano in 1772. 


Carolina is the third most highly populated Puerto Rican municipality with a population of about 176,762 people. Carolina is situated on the northeastern coast, and it includes twelve wards and Carolina Pueblo. Carolina is home to the main Puerto Rican airport (Luis-Munoz-Marin International Airport). Carolina was established in 1816 as Trujillo-Bajo, and it occupies an area of about 60.34 sq miles.


Ponce is the fourth most-populous Puerto Rican city that was established in 1692. Ponce is situated on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Ponce has over 31 wards, and this includes 12 wards in the city’s urban region. Ponce occupies an area of about 193.6sq miles. Ponce had a population density of 1,449.3 individuals per sq miles and a population of over 166,327 people.

The Population Of Puerto Rico

In recent times, Puerto Rico has experienced a decrease in population. The estimated population of this unincorporated territory decreased by 14.24% from 2010 (3,725,789 people) to 2018 (3,195,153 people). The first-ever population decrease ever recorded in Puerto Rico was the 2.2% population decrease from 2000 (3,808,195,153 people) to 2010 (3,725,789 people).

The Largest Cities in Puerto Rico

1San Juan395,326

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