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The Hottest Capital Cities in the World

Muscat, the capital city of Oman, is the hottest capital city in the world based on average temperatures for June, its warmest month.

Climate is the general weather conditions in an area over a long period. The climate of an area is determined by the altitude, latitude, location of a place, and wind currents from the water bodies near the area. Climate can be classified into dry, tropical, polar, mild mid-latitude and cold mid-latitude. The countries with tropical climates are found to be the hottest.

The Hottest Capital Cities in the World

Muscat, Oman – 95 °F

The climate in Muscat is hot and arid because the desert and mountains surround the city. The rains are sparse, and it runs from December to April with an average precipitation of 4 inches in a year. In summer temperatures can go as high as 120 °F. Summer falls between March and October. Muscat has been a famous trading center since the first century and is the largest city in Oman. Shamal winds are experienced during the months of summer in Muscat and they are extremely dusty and are at peak during the morning hours and decrease at night. The westerly winds bring the winter rains to Muscat and many other regions of the country, and they come from North Africa and the Mediterranean.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- 93.9 °F

Dubai city is located in the Northern desert belt and experiences a tropical desert climate with average temperature of 93.9 °F. The city is a big business hub in the Middle East. Summer in Dubai is hot and humid. The rainy season is between December and March and is short and irregular with August being the hottest month. The highest temperature ever registered was in July 2002 at 126 °F. Dubai is well known as a shopping destination, tall skyscrapers and is a world center. The city attracts crowds of foreigners every year. The low pressure that builds up over Dubai during the summer season forces the strong northwesterly winds known as Shamal in Arabic to blow from Saudi Arabia. These winds become highly unpredictable and gusty and reduce visibility because it blows desert sand on its way, and these sandstorms may last for days

Manila, Philippines – 91.4 °F

Manila has a tropical climate, and most of the days are hot and humid and the average temperatures are 91.4 °F. The Philippines experiences tropical, oceanic, and humid subtropical climate and January is the coolest month while the warmest month is May. The Philippines is relatively humid, and this tends to make the hot days feel much hotter. The humidity in Manila is brought about by winds blowing from the several water bodies surrounding the Philippine islands.

Karachi, Pakistan – 87.8 °F

Pakistan is located in South East Asia, and Karachi is the capital city of the Sindh province. The city borders the Arabian Sea and has two of the major Pakistani seaports. The climate in Karachi is arid with two seasons; summer and winter and experiences average temperatures of 87.8 °F. In July up to September, the city receives monsoon rains.

Climate in the Future

Most cities experience hot temperatures now and may get even hotter in years to come due to global warming. Some expected effects of the climate change will be higher land temperatures, the growth of deserts and increase in sea levels due to the melting of the ice and glaciers in the Arctic and extreme weather may also be expected. According to the instrumental temperature record, the world temperatures on land and in the sea have increased by 33.53 °F from 1880 to 2012.

The Hottest Capital Cities in the World

RankCityAverage Temperature in Warmest Month (Celsius)
1Muscat, Oman35
2Dubai, United Arab Emirates34.4
3Manila, Philippines33
4Karachi, Pakistan31
5Bangkok, Thailand30.5
6Juba, South Sudan29.9
7Accra, Ghana29.5
8Dhaka, Bangladesh29.1
9Mogadishu, Somalia29
10Hanoi, Vietnam29
11Taipei, Taiwan29
12Hong Kong28.8
13Luanda, Angola28.5
15Panama, Panama City28
16Managua, Nicaragua28
17Conakry, Guinea27.4
18Libreville, Gabon27.1
19Maputo, Mozambique27
20Brazzaville, Congo27
21Indonesia, Jakarta27

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