The Holy Child: Young Depictions of Jesus

Depiction of the Magi’s adoration of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
Depiction of the Magi’s adoration of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Several terms are often used in describing the one Christ Child. They include Divine Infant, Infant Jesus, the Holy Child, Baby Jesus, Santo Nino, and Child Jesus. These give him description up to his age of twelve starting the nativity. In accordance with the Jewish law, he became an adult on attaining thirteen years. The Canonical Gospels that most Christians accept today do not give any narration concerning the period between the infancy of Jesus and the Temple’s finding at his age of twelve.

Depictions in Art

Beginning from the third century, many sculptures and paintings show the child, Jesus. Usually, they offer the nativity scenes expressing Jesus’s birth together with Joseph and Mary. The depictions of the baby together with Mary, the Virgin, often referred to as the Madonna and Child are the iconographical types within the Western and Eastern traditions. The rest of the scenes since he was a baby includes circumcision, the Magi’s adoration, and temple presentation, together with the fight into leading to Egypt. The scenes that express his years of development are quite rare, though not known.

Most of the depictions show certain persons holding the child. They include Saint Joseph, Saint Christopher, and Anthony of Padua. Others have the claim associated with the apparitions related to Jesus being a toddler. Lisieux’s Saint Therese, the Avila’s Christian mystics Saint Theresa, together with the Divino Nino’s devotees including Giovanni Rizzo and Angelica. The former refers to the Father while the latter refers to the Mother.

The Middle Ages

From the 1300s, Christ turned out to be popular across the wood sculpture of Europe. His fame extended in Spain through the Montaseino title upon completion of Juan Martinez Montanes, which is a santero sculptor, who initiated the trend. The posture of such icons was done in a contrapposto style that entails the reflection of the knees’ position that happens in a direction that’s opposite. This is quite related to the Roman Emperor’s ancient depictions.

Even though certain images were utilized in the colonization of kingdoms like Portugal and Spain while nobility took the larger coverage of nobility. Additionally, Christ child’s colonial pictures started wearing vestments which are a pious exercise whose development is enhanced through santero culture within the later years of the colony. It carried the depiction that held globus cruciger which is a bird and symbolizes a soul, the Holy Spirit or even the different paraphernalia associated with its locality.

Apocryphal Texts

There are several apocryphal texts and they entail the growth associated with the legendary accounts in the course of the intervention period. At times, their depiction occurs. The intention of the stories was to express Jesus to possess exemplary gifts of both knowledge and power from a tender age. There exists a famous pious tale that expresses Jesus in the course of animating the sparrows from the clay that belongs to the playmates. Upon the admonition over the same during the Sabbath moments, he makes the birds fly away.


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