Biggest Cities In Panama

The financial district of the Panama City.
The financial district of the Panama City.

Biggest Cities In Panama

The Republic of Panama is bordered by Costa Rica, Colombia, Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. The country lies right in the middle of North and South America. The country has a population of close to 4 million, a half of whom stays in Panama City, the nation’s capital. The country is strategically positioned for use by the shipping lines and the revenue for the utilization of the Panama Canal forms a significant source of income for the country. The canal was built with the help of the US engineers and officially transferred to the country in 1999. Some of the largest cities in the country include Panama City, San Miguelito, Tocumen, and David.

The Five Biggest Cities In Panama

Panama City

Located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, Panama City is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Panama. It has a population of 880,691people. It is home to architectural wonders in the form of the canal and beautiful buildings. The city has numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and a robust nightlife. Panama City is divided into three regions that have distinct historical significance. There are the downtown skyscrapers, the colonial era Clasco Viejo and the original ruins of the Panama City that was destroyed in the 16th century. The city is a significant tourist attraction.

San Miguelito

It is the second largest city by population having a total of 315,019 people. It is found in San Miguelito District which separates Panama from Colon. It is also a port city which gives it excellent transport facilities that connect it to the sea. These have proven valuable for the vibrant economic activities in the city.


The city is third largest and found in the province of Panama. It has a population of 103, 177 people. The city has an international airport that has enhanced its connectivity to the rest of the countries in the region and the whole world.


It is the fourth largest by the population having 89,442 people. Unlike the top four cities that are found in Panama province, it is situated in Chiriqui province and also serves as its capital. It is a significant tourist city located next to the border of Costa Rica. It hosts some highly popular annual events such as the Children’s Festival and industrial fairs.


It is located in Colon Province and has a total population of 78,000 people. It is the biggest port city found on the Caribbean Coast. It is also the largest city by land mass. The city is famous for sports fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving among others. It is also a significant contributor to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

Significance Of Cities In Panama

The majority of citizens in Panama live in the urban centers. The cities play a significant role in enhancing interaction and regional integration between the different cultures. The cities are also home to expatriates who work in the country. The several port cities and scenic sites provide an excellent tourist attraction. Tourism is very vibrant in the country and encompasses activities such as scuba diving and sports fishing among others.

The Biggest Cities In Panama

1Panama City880,691Panamá
2San Miguelito315,019Panamá
5Las Cumbres89,000Panamá
7La Chorrera68,896West Panamá
9Santiago de Veraguas50,877Veraguas
11Arraiján41,041West Panamá
12Vista Alegre41,000West Panamá
15Nuevo Arraiján27,000West Panamá
16Changuinola24,420Bocas del Toro
17Alcalde Díaz22,000Panamá
19La Cabima21,200Panamá
20Puerto Armuelles19,753Chiriquí

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