The 8 National Natural Landmarks in Connecticut

Carpenter's Falls in the McLean Game Refuge.
Carpenter's Falls in the McLean Game Refuge.

Connecticut is a state located in the southern part of New England region covering a total area of about 14,300 square miles with a population of around 3 million inhabitants as of the 2017 census. Connecticut is home to approximately eight national natural landmarks which were designated through the national natural landmark program that was set up in 1962. Most of these landmarks are geological and are spread out across four counties with the county of Litchfield hosting four of them.

8. Bartholomew's Cobble

Bartholomew's Cobble is a reserve that sits on 329 acres of land and plays host to an agricultural preserve, a bio-reserve, and an open space preserve. The preserve has more than 800 plant species that include the walking fern, maidenhair fern, and cottonwood as well as animals that include the rare ground nesting bobolinks, the bald eagle, and the great egret among others. The native Mahican tribe initially occupied Bartholomew's Cobble before it became a preserve in 1946. It was designated as a natural landmark in 1971.

7. Beckley Bog

Beckley Bog is a 51-feet deep bog located in Litchfield County that was declared a national natural landmark in 1977. The bog is covered mostly with sphagnum moss, heath, and spruces. The bog became the property of the Nature Conservancy in 1957.

6. Bingham Pond Bog

Bingham pond bog is black spruce bog also located in Litchfield that has been described as rare due to the interesting fact that it lacks the natural sphagnum moss that grows in bogs. The bog sits in an area of about 85 acres, and it was designated as a national natural landmark in 1973. It is home to the Crimson-ringed dragonflies.

5. Cathedral Pines

Cathedral Pines is a nature preserve that sits on an area of about 42 acres in Litchfield. It is a forest of hemlock trees and white pines that was donated to the conservancy in 1967 by the Calhoun family who had owned the property since 1883. The Calhoun family had purchased the land to prevent logging to preserve the white pine trees which have now grown up to 120 feet high. Cathedral Pines was declared a national natural landmark in 1982.

4. Chester Cedar Swamp

The Chester Cedar Swamp is located inside Cockaponset State Forest, and it covers an area of about 380 acres making it the largest swamp in the state of Connecticut. The swamp is home to the cedar trees that form the majority of plants that grow on this expansive reserve. The rare Atlantic white cedars are found here. The swamp was declared a national natural landmark in 1973.

3. Dinosaur Trackway

The Dinosaur trackway state arboretum is natural preserve that sits on 80 acres of land in Rocky Hill Town of Hartford County. The park is home to the preserved fossil remains and a famous dinosaur tracks that date back to the Jurassic era. The tracks were discovered accidentally in 1966 by a bulldozer operator. The park became a national landmark in 1968.

2. McLean Game Refuge Natural Areas

The McLean refuge sits on an expansive 4,400 acres of land that has been owned by the McLean family since 1903. The refuge is home to many birds like the pileated woodpecker, winter wren, hermit thrush, and many others. It also houses a forest of chestnut trees, oaks, beech, and hemlocks. The refuge became a national landmark in 1973.

1. Pachaug-Great Meadow Swamp

The Pachaug-Great Meadow swamp sits inside the Pachaug State Forest that covers an area of 27,000 acres. The meadow is home to the Atlantic white cedar and has nature trails that are a great attraction to tourists. The swamp was declared a national natural landmark in 1973.

The 8 National Natural Landmarks in Connecticut

1Bartholomew's Cobble1971Litchfieldprivate
2Beckley Bog1977Litchfieldprivate
3Bingham Pond Bog1973Litchfieldprivate
4Cathedral Pines1982Litchfieldprivate
5Chester Cedar Swamp1973Middlesexstate/municipal
6Dinosaur Trackway1968Hartfordstate
7McLean Game Refuge Natural Areas1973Hartfordstate
8Pachaug-Great Meadow Swamp1973New Londonstate/private

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