10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

Tourism is a significant industry in Melbourne, the capital city of the Australian state of Victoria. In 2017, the city recorded a total of 2.7 million international overnight visitors. Domestic tourism to the city was also quite high as it was visited by 9.3 million domestic overnight visitors in the same year. Melbourne’s popularity as a city tourist destination comes from the fact that it is hosts numerous cultural attractions including art galleries, museums, festivals, fashion and sporting events, and more. It is among the world’s most liveable cities and is considered among the world's friendliest cities. 

10. Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is a well-known name among the cricket lovers of the world. It is the world’s 10th largest stadium and the largest one in the Southern Hemisphere. It also has the highest light towers of any sporting venue globally. The Melbourne Cricket Ground has also hosted numerous international one-day, test, and T20 matches since its founding in 1853. It also served as one of the most important venues of the 2006 Commonwealth Games, two Cricket World Cups, and the 1956 Summer Olympics.

9. Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

The Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building are both set in the surroundings of the Carlton Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Carlton suburb of Melbourne. The Melbourne Museum is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest museum and hosts the largest IMAX screen in the world. The Royal Exhibition Building is a 19th-century building built to host exhibitions during the International Exhibition movement of 1851–1914. It represented the pride and prosperity of Victoria at that time. Together the garden, museum, and exhibition building attract thousands of tourists to the site. In 2017, 865,000 visitors visited the site.

8. The National Gallery of Victoria

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The National Gallery of Victoria is the largest, oldest, and most visited art museum in the country. The museum is home to an encyclopedic art collection featuring Australian art as well as international art, photography, prints, drawings, and more. It is Melbourne’s eighth most popular attraction.

7. St Kilda

St Kilda is a happening suburb in Melbourne. The Luna Park theme park, St Kilda Beach, several restaurants and shopping centers are the star attractions of St Kilda. The 700 m long St Kilda Beach is the city’s most attractive beach. Visitors to the beach enjoy swimming, sunbathing, watersport activities like kitesurfing, sailing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, and more.

6. Docklands And Docklands Stadium

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The Docklands is an inner western suburb of Melbourne that features shopping, restaurants, offices, and some modern landmarks of the city. The Docklands Stadium, a multipurpose sports, and entertainment stadium, is located here. The Melbourne Star, a giant Ferris wheel, is also another attraction in the Docklands locality. In 2017, 1,700,000 tourists visited the Docklands And Docklands Stadium making it Melbourne’s sixth most visited destination.

5. Crown Entertainment Complex

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With 200,000 visitors in 2017, the Crown Entertainment Complex ranks as the fifth most visited destination in Melbourne. Although it is located in the Southbank Promenade, it needs special mention on the list. It covers an area of 510,000 square m and hosts four hotels, the Crown Metropol, the Crown Towers casino, and the Crown Promenade. Tourists to the complex can enjoy recreational activities, try their luck at the casino, shop to their heart’s content, and enjoy meals at the high-end restaurants located there.

4. The Queen Victoria Market

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Regarded as the favorite marketplace of Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market is visited by many tourists to the city. The market was started in the 19th century and is historically, socially, and architecturally significant. Guided tours to the market allow tourists to explore the vast array of fresh produce, learn about the market’s history, and also experience the hustle and bustle of the place. In 2017, Queen Victoria Market was visited by 2,400,000 tourists.

3. Southbank Promenade

Melbourne’s premier culture destination, the Southbank Promenade has a lot to offer to its visitors. The Southern Hemisphere’s largest casino complex, the Crown Melbourne, is located here. The 975 ft tall Eureka Tower, Australia’s second-highest building here has the Eureka Skydeck observation tower on the 88th floor. The building also has other attractions like The Edge and Vertigo. The latter provides visitors an illusion of falling off the building. Other attractions in the Southbank Promenade include the Southgate, Ponyfish Island, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and more.

2. Federation Square

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A venue for culture, arts, and public events in the city of Melbourne, Federation Square attracts many visitors all year round. Several major cultural institutions like the Koorie Heritage Trust, Ian Potter Centre, etc., are located in this area. Cafes and bars dot the paved square. Visitors to the square can also access the underground Melbourne Visitor Centre. In 2017, the Federation Square received 2,800,000 visitors that accounted for 10% of all visitors to Melbourne.

1. The CBD

“The CBD” or the Melbourne City Centre comprises the two oldest areas of Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market, and the Hoddle Grid. Nearly every visitor to Melbourne visits “The CBD” for experiencing the true city life and for shopping. Five of Australia’s six tallest buildings are located in this part of Melbourne. It is also known as one of the street art meccas of the world. UNESCO has designated it as a "City of Literature”. Shopping at “The CBD” is also a popular tourist activity.

The 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations In The Australian City Of Melbourne

RankAttractionVisitor Number (2017)
1CBD Shopping5,300,000
2Federation Square2,800,000
3Southbank Promenade2,600,000
4Queen Victoria Market2,400,000
5Crown Entertainment Complex2,000,000
6Docklands & Docklands Stadium1,700,000
7St Kilda1,700,000
8National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)1,100,000
9Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens865,000
10Melbourne Cricket Ground807,800

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