The 10 Most Popular Daily Newspapers In The United States

Although their popularity has been on the decline, some newspapers are still read in the United States.
Although their popularity has been on the decline, some newspapers are still read in the United States.

Newspapers are important sources of news for many Americans. Newspapers contain news on the current events and other informative articles on sports, politics, art, and advertising. The US has one of the largest number of newspaper readers in the world with the majority of the readers averaging 40 years of age. There are over 1,300 daily newspapers in circulation in the US today. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly newspapers are also popular in the country. Newspaper circulation has been promoted by the growing demand for digital newspaper, especially among the younger generation. Some of the most popular newspapers in the US are outlined below.

1. USA Today

USA Today has been in circulation since September 1982. The daily newspaper is printed at 37 locations in the US and five additional locations internationally. It is owned by the Gannett Company and operates from Jones Branch Drive in Virginia. USA Today has the widest circulation in the US, reaching over seven million readers daily with a weekly circulation of 2.3 million. It is distributed in all 50 mainland states and in Canada, Asia, and Europe. USA Today is popular for their dynamic designs which include concise reports, informational graphics, popular culture, and colorized images. Its related publications include USA Weekend and The Big Lead.

2. The New York Times

The New York Times was founded in September 1851 in the city of New York by The New York Times Company. The daily newspaper is the second-largest in circulation and the largest circulating metropolitan newspapers with a weekly circulation of 2.1 million. It is also ranked 18th in terms of world circulation. The New York Times is considered as a "newspaper of records" within the media industry. The international version of the newspaper is known as The New York Times International Version. The New York Times is divided into three main sections, namely the news section (which includes both international and national news), opinion section (including editorials), and a features section (which includes art, fashion, movies, and food).

3. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is based in New York. The newspaper also has both Asian and European editions and focuses mainly on business related news. It is published six days a week by the Dow Jones & Company in a broadsheet format. The Journal is also available online. The newspaper has a circulation of about 1.3 million copies and over 1 million digital subscriptions. The Wall Street Journal derives its name from Wall Street in Lower Manhattan and has been in circulation since July 1889. Because of its wide audience and coverage of wide areas of interest, the newspaper has won 40 Pulitzer Prizes to date.

4. Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times has been in publication since 1881. The Los Angeles based newspaper is the fourth most widely circulated newspaper in the US with a circulation of about 468,000 down from over 1.1 million peak circulations. The drop in circulation has been attributed to the availability of alternative methods of obtaining news such as internet and televisions. Los Angeles Times has won over 40 Pulitzer Prizes with the most recent prize in 2016. Some of the newspaper features include Column One and investigative piece.

The 10 Most Popular Daily Newspapers In The United States

1USA Today2,301,917
2The New York Times2,101,611
3The Wall Street Journal1,337,376
4Los Angeles Times467,309
5New York Post424,721
6Chicago Tribune 384,962
7The Washington Post356,768
9Daily News299,538
10am New York 298,759

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