The 10 Highest Mountains in Wyoming

Grand Teton, Wyoming.
Grand Teton, Wyoming.

The state of Wyoming is located in a mountainous region of the United States. The terrain of Wyoming features a large plateau that is interspersed with many mountain ranges. Wyoming is the state in which the Rocky Mountains meets the Great Plains. The elevation of Wyoming ranges from 3,125 ft to 13,804 ft above sea level. A list of the tallest mountains in Wyoming is provided below.

1. Gannett Peak

With an elevation of 13,804 ft above sea level, Gannett Peak is the highest point in Wyoming. The peak belongs to the Wind River Range and is located on the boundary between the counties of Sublette and Fremont. The Gannett Glacier is located on the mountain and covers an area of 3.63 square km, making it the biggest single glacier in the US Rocky Mountains. The mountain is difficult to climb and even seasoned climbers face great challenges while attempting an ascent. The first successful ascent to the top of Gannett Peak was recorded in 1922. The peak's remote location and its untamed, rugged wilderness creates barriers to climbing. The mountain was also the site of a deadly private plane crash in 2010 which left no survivors.

2. Grand Teton

Located in northwest Wyoming, Grand Teton is a 13,770 ft tall mountain and the highest point in Grand Teton National Park. The mountain is a highly popular mountaineering zone. The glaciers and creeks originating in the mountain feed the Snake River, which drains a massive area around the mountain. Grand Teton is part of the Teton Range, which is a subrange of the Rocky Mountains. The date of the first ascent to the summit is disputed, but likely occurred in either in 1872 or 1898.

3. Fremont Peak

Fremont Peak is the third highest peak in Wyoming, with a height of 13,745 ft above sea level. Like Gannett Peak, it is also located on the boundary between the counties of Sublette and Fremont. Fremont Peak is also part of the Wind River Range, a wild and remote area, and is the second tallest peak of this range after Gannett Peak. The eastern and western flanks of the mountain are part of Shoshone National Forest and Bridger-Teton National Forest, respectively. The mountain was first summited in 1842 by Charles Preuss and Johnny Janisse. Due to the remoteness of the peak, it takes many days to hike to the top of the mountain and then climb down.

4. Mount Warren

At a height of 13,722 ft, Mount Warren in the fourth tallest peak in Wyoming. The peak belongs to the Wind River Range and is surrounded by the Fitzpatrick Wilderness, which is part of Shoshone National Forest. A number of glaciers are located in the region, the most notable of which is the Dinwoody Glacier. The first ascent to the summit of Mount Warren occurred in 1924.

5. Mount Helen

Mount Helen of the Wind River Range has an elevation of 13,620 ft above sea level, making it the fifth highest peak in the US state of Wyoming. The mountain's summit is located in the Bridger Wilderness, which is part of Bridger-Teton National Forest. Notable glaciers found in the eastern flanks of Mount Helen include the Sacagawea and Helen Glaciers.

The 10 Highest Mountains in Wyoming

RankPeakElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)Mountain Range
1Gannett Peak13,8047076Northern Wind River Range
2Grand Teton13,7706530Teton Range
3Fremont Peak13,7451184Northern Wind River Range
4Mount Warren13,722962Northern Wind River Range
5Mount Helen13,620820Northern Wind River Range
6Turret Peak13,600600Northern Wind River Range
7Doublet Peak13,600200Northern Wind River Range
8Mount Sacagawea13,569409Northern Wind River Range
9Jackson Peak13,517717Northern Wind River Range
10Mount Woodrow Wilson13,502502Northern Wind River Range

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