Tallest Mountains In Ukraine

Grassy peak of Hoverla in the summertime.
Grassy peak of Hoverla in the summertime.

Ukraine is a sovereign country in the eastern region of Europe with its capital being Kiev and Ukrainian being the official language. 77.8% of the population is ethnic Ukrainian, with another 17.3% being Russians and the remainder made up of other, smaller ethnic groups. The country is a unitary semi-presidential republic. The total area of the nation is 33,062 square miles with a coastline of 1,729 miles. There are only two mountain ranges in Ukraine, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Crimean Mountains. Snow melting from the mountains feeds some of the region's major rivers. There are many beautiful and magnificent waterfalls in the country due to the sudden altitude change along the river channels.

Tallest Mountains In Ukraine

The Carpathian Mountain Ranges

The Carpathian Mountain Ranges are the second longest range in Europe and stretch over a distance of 932 miles. The ranges are divided into three sections, namely the Western Carpathians, the Eastern Carpathians, and the Southern Carpathians. The Eastern Carpathians stretch through Poland, Eastern Slovakia, Ukraine, and into Romania. The Crimean mountain ranges, on the other hand, run parallel to the South-East of Crimean Tatar (Back Sea). The Crimean Oblast has been at the center of contention between Russia and Ukraine until 1997 where a treaty was signed. Under the treaty, the Crimea hosts Russian Black Sea Fleet naval ships. This article discusses some of the mountains making up the two mountain ranges in Ukraine.

Mount Hoverla

Mount Hoverla is the highest point in Ukraine and is part of Carpathian Mountain ranges, reaching an elevation of 6,762 feet above sea level. Mount Hoverla is composed of sandstone, and the cap is snow covered. The slopes are covered with beech and spruce forests above which a belt of sub-alpine meadows are found. The first ascent of the mountain is not clear, but the first documented tourist ascent took place in the year 1880 and has ever since attracted many visitors. In the 20th Century, the mountain gained popularity as an extreme sports site with some routes being classified as 1A in the winter period under the former Soviet Union's (USSR's) grading system. There have been several reported deaths recently after inexperienced extreme lovers attempted to climb the mountain in winter. The Ukrainian President, Viktor Yushchenko, climbs the mountain every year and it has even become a tradition that each Ukrainian climbs the mountain at least once in their lifetime.

Pip Ivan Chornohora

It is part of the Carpathians ranges and, with an elevation of 6,634 feet above sea level, it is the third highest peak in the country. The mountain was a center of contention from 1918 until 1939 when the Polish border troops made an offensive attack and took over the area. The Polish government built up an impressive astronomical and meteorological observatory center at the summit of this mountain. The mountain was later back to the Ukrainian government, and the observatory center is currently was ruined. This mountain is a major tourist attraction site especially to nature lovers. There are several historical and architectural monuments as well as beautiful alpine meadows and woods. Temperatures in the Pip Ivan are not extremely low, and the lowest ever recorded temperature is 5 degrees. The common activities in the mountain b the visitors is cycling, riding, hiking and rating.


Petros is a Greek word which is loosely translated to mean "the rock". Its peak sits at an elevation of 6,630 feet above sea level. The mountain has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list as a natural site. The most notable monument on top of the Petros Mountain is ruins of an Alpine church which was built in the year 1907. The area is popular among amateur mountaineers as the mountain is simple to ascend. The first ascent is not documented. Due to its height and good weather, one can clearly view the panorama of the mountains and scenery. The Hoverla and Pip Ivan mountains are visible to the south East while the West one can see the highest point of the Apshinets Ridge. Tourists fancy the beautiful scenery. The nearby cities of Yersinia, Borsa, and Kolomya offer hospitality services to the tourists.

Tallest Mountains In Ukraine

RankTallest Mountains in UkraineElevation
1Hoverla6,760 feet
2Brebeneskul6,675 feet
3Pip Ivan of Chornohora6,652 feet
4Petros6,626 feet
5Hutyn Tomnatyk6,612 feet
6Rebra6,563 feet
7Menchul6,553 feet
8Pip Ivan of Maramures6,350 feet

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