Rock Formations That Look Like People From Around The World

The face of the Heathen Maiden in Slovenia (left) and the head of the Sphinx of Romania (right).
The face of the Heathen Maiden in Slovenia (left) and the head of the Sphinx of Romania (right).

Mount Tibrogargan: The Face of an Old Man, or that of a Gorilla?

Mount Tibrogargan is one of the most unique features in the world, and it is found in the Glass House Mountain National Park in Australia. It is made up of protruding volcanic hard alkali rock known as rhyolite. It is one of the most recognizable land features in the northern, western Brisbane having the resemblance of an old man or gorilla. In 2004 parts of the rock crumbled and part of the face including the eyes fell off. Tibrogargan Mountain is the second steepest of the Glass House Mountains after Coonwrin Mountain and is relatively high in the region, measuring around 1,194 feet in elevation. The mountain is one of the popular tourist attractions who visit for rock climbing, bush walking, and sightseeing. In the past, there have been several state emergencies to rescue tourist and visitor who get lost or get trapped on the way as a result of poor planning and inexperience.

Pedra de Gavea: A Head With a Crown

Pedra da Gavea is a mountain rock in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The rock has the appearance of a human face, and the eyes are not deep. The huge rocks at the top of the head appear like a crown adorning the head. There are inscriptions on the side of the rock. Some believe the engraving and carving were done by the Phoenicians while others believe it is the action of natural erosion that resembles engraving. The whole region has an elevation 2,769 feet ending directly on the ocean. The rock is composed of granite and gneiss and forms part of the Tijuca National Park. The region is a significant part of tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro. The Portuguese sailors gave the name in the 16th Century.

Ontario's Giant Resting on its Back

The Sleeping Giant of Ontario, Canada is a formation of sills and mesas on the Sibley Peninsula that has the appearance of a giant sleeping on its back especially when seen from west to north-northwest part of the Thunder Bay and is part of the Sleeping Giant provincial park. The island is part of the remains of the ancient volcano, and the steep cliffs are among the highest in Canada with a vertical height of 820 feet. According to the local legend, the giant is known as Nanbijou, who turned to rock when the secrets of the silver mine were disclosed to the white men, the rich silver mine is presently known as the Silver Islet.The entrance of the silver mine is visible at the island near the foot of the sleeping giant. In 2007, Canadians voted the sleeping giant as one of the seven wonders of Canada, although the board decided the sleeping giant did not fit the bill. The sleeping giant and the whole of the sleeping giant provincial park is an attraction for tourists who visit for camping, swimming, hiking, fishing and other favorite sporting activities.

Guinea's Mount Loura: Dame de Mali

Mount Loura, or the Lady of Mali, is a rock formation in northern Guinea near the town of Mali and not far from the Senegalese border. It is a true masterpiece of nature that resembles a beautiful woman carved into the side of the rock probably through erosion over the ages. It is clearly visible from a distance in full shape. According to the local legend, the woman cheated on her husband on a holy day, a Friday and God punished her into a statue of stone. Mount Loura stands in the northern most point and peaks at 516 feet and forms part of the mountainous complex known as the Massif de Tamgue, which has steep cliffs on three sides.

Rock Formations That Look Like People From Around The World

Rock Formations That Look Like HumansCountry
Mount TibrogarganAustralia
Pedra da GaveaBrazil
Sleeping Giant of OntarioCanada
Mount LouraGuinea
Amah RockHong Kong, SAR of China
An Fear Marbh of InishtooskertIreland
Lot's WifeIsrael
Romanian SphinxRomania
Heathen MaidenSlovenia
La Mujer MuertaSpain
Queen's Head of YehliuTaiwan
Ataturk RockTurkey
Cavehill of BelfastUnited Kingdom
Grandfather MountainUnited States
Tetas de Maria GuevaraVenezuela

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