The Richest Cities in the US

Bloomfield Hills, a suburb of Detroit, is one of the richest places in the United States by per capita income. Editorial credit: Steve Lagreca /
Bloomfield Hills, a suburb of Detroit, is one of the richest places in the United States by per capita income. Editorial credit: Steve Lagreca /

In the United States, per capita income can vary widely depending on state or city. The richest cities in the US can be discovered by examining the per capita GDP of the residents of each cities, which range from small census-designated places to larger suburbs of major cities in the country.

The Richest Places in the United States

Fisher Island, Florida - $236,238

Fisher Island is a residential island located within the city of Miami, Florida. The community, which consists of roughly 218 households, has a per capita income of $236,238 - the highest in the United States. Notably, the exclusive island can only be accessed by private helicopter or boat. The island, which formerly only housed one family, began to attract other millionaires in the 1960s. Several celebrities have owned homes on the island.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - $201,439

Bloomfield Hills is a suburb of Detroit, located to the north of the city. It is home to just under 4,000 people, who have on average one of the highest incomes in the entire United States. The suburb is home to a number of private schools, as well as stately mansions.

Baker, Missouri - $182,000

According to the US Census, there are only three people living in the unincorporated area of Baker, Missouri. However, the average income among these three residents is high, at $182,000. Interestingly, Baker is located almost equidistance from the state lines of Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Arkansas. The setting of Baker is rural.

Hunts Point, Washington - $153,512

Hunts Point is a small town found near Seattle. Bridges cross Lake Washington to connect the two communities. Hunts Point is contained to one peninsula that jets out into lake Washington, not far from Bellevue.

Portola Valley, California - $152,128

Portola Valley is found in California's San Mateo Country, just north of San Francisco. It is considered to be part of the Bay Area. Residents of Portola Valley boast an average income of $152,128, with the average household income in the area often going beyond $300,000. Portola Valley is also known for having some of the country's most expensive home prices. The affluent area is also home to a number of private schools.

Rex, North Carolina - $148,073

In the 2010 census, Rex, North Carolina had a population of only 55 people. However, these individuals have some of the highest incomes in the United States, with a per capita income of $148,073. The area is mostly rural.

Belle Meade, Tennessee - $144,720

Belle Meade, Tennessee, is home to around 3,000 people who have a per capita income of $144,720. It is the wealthiest place in the state of Tennessee, and one of the wealthiest in all of the American south. Although its population is small, the city boasts its own mayor, police force, and city hall.

Hunting Valley, Ohio - $144,281

Hunting Valley is suburb of the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The small community has the 8th highest per capita income in the United States. According to the 2010 census, Hunting Valley has a population of around 700 individuals who make an average of $144,281 per year. It is the wealthiest place in the state of Ohio. Like its neighbor in Kentucky, Hunting Valley today is a sparsely populated with big estates.

Mockingbird Valley, Kentucky - $134,745

Mockingbird Valley is the name of a small city in northern Kentucky - so small, in fact, that it is only home to 200 residents. It could be described as a bedroom community of the city of Louisville. Historically, Mockingbird Valley has been a location for wealthy residents from Louisville to place summer homes within its rolling hills. Today, the small area is home to a small number of estates, which are tucked away in the privacy of the forested streets.

Piney Point Village, Texas - $133,558

Found in West Houston, Piney Point Village is the wealthiest community in Texas, and the 10th wealthiest place in the United States. It has a total population of just over 3,000 residents, many of whom live in large upscale houses. Notably, there is a large disparity between the average income reported for men and women in Piney Point Village. While men report an average pet capita income of $100,000, women report nearly half of that, at $57,222. The city of Piney Point Village prohibits the construction of any business infrastructure, and the area is completely residential.

Gladwyne, Pennsylvania - $130,905

Gladqyne is a suburb of Philadelphia, and a very affluent one at that. It has a population of around 5,000 residents. This equals around 1,500 households in the area, which have an average income of $130,905. Gladwyne is part of Philadelphia's Main Line, the name given to the city's historical suburbs, many of which report a very high income.

Willowbrook, Kansas - $118,946

Willowbrook is the name of a suburb of Hutchinson, a city in south-central Kansas. The unincorporated place has a population of only 87 individuals, among whom the average income is $118,946.

Avon, Connecticut - $116,048

Avon is a small town found in central Connecticut. Its population of around 18,000 reports an average income of $116,048. Avon is also known as being one of the safest cities in the United States.

Mantoloking, New Jersey - $114,017

Although the popular of Mantoloking is small, its number swells during the summer months when vacation-goers flock to its ocean-side location. The town's permanent residents report an average income of $114,017, one of the country's highest.

Hewlett Bay Park, New York - $113,320

Hewlett Bay Park is a small village of around 400 residents found on Long Island, just outside of New York City. The average per capita income is $113,320, which means that the average household income in the area is well above $200,000. Hewlett Bay Park is known for its rural character which is unique for the south shore of Long Island.

Richest Cities in the US

´╗┐StateCityPer Capita Income
AlabamaMountain Brook$76,763
AlaskaHalibut Cove$89,895
ArizonaParadise Valley$81,290
ArkansasMorrison Bluff$56,436
CaliforniaPortola Valley $152,128
ColoradoCherry Hills Village$99,996
FloridaFisher Island$236,238
GeorgiaBerkeley Lake$69,439
IdahoSun Valley$50,563
IndianaCrows Nest$100,565
KentuckyMorningbird Valley$134,745
Louisiana Mound$92,200
MaineNorth Oxford$38,462
MarylandChevy Chase Village$95,174
Massachusetts Weston$105,217
MichiganBloomfield Hills$201,439
Mississippi Madison$60,082
MissouriHuntleigh $104,420
MontanaCooke City-Silver Gate$31,618
NebraskaSteele City$36,214
NevadaIncline Village-Crystal Bay$52,521
New HampshireNew Castle$97,601
New JerseyMantoloking$114,017
New Mexico Los Alamos$49,474
New YorkHewlett Bay Park$113,320
North CarolinaRex $148,073
North DakotaBriarwood$57,751
OhioHunting Valley$144,281
OklahomaNichols Hills$96,225
OregonLake Oswego $42,166
Rhode IslandJamestown$38,664
South CarolinaBriarcliffe Acres$52,871
South DakotaCottonwood$79,000
Tennessee Belle Meade $144,720
TexasPiney Point Village$133,558
Utah Summit$40,270
VermontOld Bennington$40,884
VirginiaGreat Falls$78,149
WashingtonHunts Point$153,512
West VirginiaSmithfield$58,279
WisconsinRiver Hills$95,242
WyomingMoose Wilson Road$71,291

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