Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile: Unique Places To Visit

Huilo Huilo is an eco-park in Chilean Patagonia that is well known for its unique buildings, such as the Montaña Mágica Lodge and Hotel Baobab.
Huilo Huilo is an eco-park in Chilean Patagonia that is well known for its unique buildings, such as the Montaña Mágica Lodge and Hotel Baobab.

5. Description

The Montaña Mágica Lodge is akin to a sight right out of Rivendale, Tolkien's "village of the Hobbits". Try to imagine a hotel lodge that hobbits built and guests enter by a swinging rope bridge. This fantasy hotel's structure is in the shape of a volcano that spews water from its top daily. The sloping volcano structure of the hotel conceals 13 guest rooms and other amenities inside it. In addition, a private nature reserve around the hotel has about 60,000 hectares of rainforest lands, which are themselves home to many rare plants and animals. February is the best time to visit, when the area receives the least rainfall, while July is the month when Montaña Mágica Lodge sees the most rainfall.

4. Tourism

Ecotourism is the focus of this facility, and it is a privilege to experience the Patagonian Chilean rainforest with a stay in this four-star hotel. The hotel's location is between the towns of Neltume and Fuy in Southern Chile, near Argentina. To get to this destination, the average tourist can fly to the city of Santiago, Chile from any point in the world. The city of Santiago offers foreign visitors the convenience of either a taxi ride, rental car drive, or bus ride to the town of Neltume in the Southern part of the country. From there, you will find the hotel smack-dab right into the middle of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve near Neltume, Chile.

3. Uniqueness

Anyone who cares about ecotourism and outdoor activities should come and visit this one of a kind forest hotel. Tourists can enjoy outdoor hot tubs hewn out of tree trunks, or play a mini golf course, built 40 feet above the forest floor, which winds above and through the nature reserve. There is also year round backcountry skiing and snowboarding on the virgin local slopes. Other activities include horseback riding and a trip along the longest zip line in South America. After all of these exciting activities, a dip into one of the mineral springs should make one relaxed enough to fully enjoy an evening of fine wine and dinner at the hotel restaurant.

2. Habitat

A nature reserve filled with birds and other wildlife surrounds the volcano hotel. Tourists can enjoy the many natural waterfalls and lakes for their wildlife also, as they are inhabited by frogs. Within the rainforest are ferns, wildflowers, conifers, mushrooms, and lichens. There is also a small attraction nearby called the Duck Pond. It is where several endangered species of forest ducks are kept. A few other forest animals roaming the area include wild boars, pumas, and the pudu, which is the smallest deer in the world. Whitewater rafting and flyfishing will also allow you to get up close to the native fishes. When it's time to go home, the tourist can also purchase fine Chilean wines from the hotel cellar.

1. Threats

The rainforest offers many animals shelter and, as such, tourists there should not stray too far from the hotel's recommended range of activities. The place is safe during daytime, but special care should be taken at night when nocturnal animals are out. On the other hand, humans have become a threat to natural biotopes of forest animals. Tourists should observe rules when in the the outdoors to prevent destruction of these habitats. There is a plan for a hydroelectric plant project in the area, but assurance from the Environmental Management Endesa Chile to minimize impact has come in the form of producing a management plan for the environments affected.


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