Missouri State Flag

The twenty four stars surrounding the seal signifies Missouri’s admission into the Union as the 24th state.

Missouri is a state in the Midwest of the US and river Mississippi is part of its border in the eastern part. It is the 18th most populous state in the country and the state capital is Jefferson City, while Kansas City is the largest urban area in the state. Missouri is the 21st most extensive state by land area. On August 10th, 1821 the state joined the union and became the 24th state and the first west of Mississippi to join the union. The state has a flag that was adopted on March 22nd, 1913, when Woolfolk, the governor of the state signed the bill that made the flag official.


The designer of the flag was Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver between January 11th, 1854 and October 18th, 1944. She was a spouse to R.B Oliver, the former Senator. Her design project began in 1908. It was among her volunteering activities that she was undertaking with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Having been appointed as the Chairperson of the DAR committee, she was tasked with the duty of researching and designing Missouri’s flag. Senator Arthur L. Oliver, Marie Oliver’s nephew, introduced two bills to adopt the flag as Missouri’s flag in 1909 and 1911 and the bills failed. The initial paper flag by Oliver was defaced in a fire that razed Missouri State Capitol in 1911. Oliver sewed a second flag using silk, with the assistance of Mrs. S.D. MacFarland. Her design was finally adopted on March 22nd, 1913 following Governor Elliot Woolfolk Major assenting to the bill, and the flag became the official Flag of Missouri to date.


The flag is composed of three main colors which are red, white, and blue and are aligned horizontally. On the center of the white stripe is the seal. The seal is surrounded by 24 stars. These stars are located in a blue band around the seal. At the center of the flag is the Missourian state seal. At the seal’s center there is the Great Seal of the United States at the right side. At the left side there are symbols which represent the state. These are a crescent moon and a bear. On the sides of the circle are two great bears. The words “United we stand, divided we fall” surround these symbols. A belt buckle is also depicted in the seal.


The bear symbolize strength. A crescent moon represents the virginity of the state and its high chances of growth. The belt buckle shows that where necessary, the State of Missouri can secede from the United States of America. Above the seal is a helmet which represents Missouri’s sovereignty. At the top of the seal are twenty four stars, with one larger than the rest. The larger one represents Missouri while the rest represent the states admitted to the Union before Missouri. The red color represents valor, which is the strength of mind in the face of danger. The white color represents purity. The blue color represents vigilance, permanency as well as justice for the state. The band with twenty four stars surrounding the seal signifies Missouri’s admission into the Union as the 24th state.


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