Major Battles Of The Crusades

The Ottomans defeating a multinational Crusader Army during the 1396 Battle of Nicopolis in modern Bulgaria.
The Ottomans defeating a multinational Crusader Army during the 1396 Battle of Nicopolis in modern Bulgaria.

The battles of the Crusades were part of a series of religious wars that were initiated by the Roman Catholic Pope between the 11th and the 15th Centuries. The wars were against the external and internal enemies of the Christian with an indulgence promised to those who were bold enough to take part in the war. The Crusade wars were fought for several reasons including recapturing the Christian territories, resolving conflicts among rival groups within the Roman Catholic, capturing Jerusalem, defending Christians in the non-Christian territories, and combating heresy and paganism. The battle of the crusade was mainly between the Muslims and Christians who fought all over the Holy Land and the Mediterranean for control and dominance. Some of the most significant battles of the Crusades are looked at below.

Battle of Aintab

The Battle of Aintab was fought in August of 1150, and was led by the King of Jerusalem, King Baldwin III, to repel the attacks by Nur ad-din Zangi of Aleppo. During the fight, several Latin Christians who were living in the County of Edessa were evacuated as a part of the King’s strategy to win the war. Nur ad-din Zangi’s Turks attacked the crusaders with showers of arrows to break their formation. However, the Crusaders who were highly organized managed to protect the refugees and the baggage train and resisted the Turks’ attack. The Turks soon ran out of supplies and had to withdraw at sunset enabling the crusaders to deliver the refugees to Antiochene territories. Though the territory of the County of Edessa fell to the Turks, Baldwin the King managed to protect the pro-Latin civilians.

Battle of al-Babein

The Battle of al-Babein occurred in the Third Crusaders' Invasion of Egypt on March 18, 1167. The King of Jerusalem, Amalric I, and the Zengid army both wanted to take control of Egypt. Amalric I wanted to chase Muslims and Shirkuh out of Egypt. However, on reaching the Valley of the Nile, the Muslims turned against Amalric’s army having been weakened by the steep slopes and soft sand. Shirkuh who was commanding the Muslims managed to break the battle into smaller skirmishes with both the Turks and the Franks winning some of the skirmishes. Without any clear victor between Amalric and Shirkuh, King Amalric I failed to become the ruler of Egypt.

Battle of Adramyttium

The Battle of Adramyttium broke out on March 19, 1205, and was fought between the Latin Crusaders and the Byzantine Greek Empire of Nicaea. There are two accounts of the Battle of Adramyttium. The first account by Geoffrey de Villehardouin suggests that Henry of Flanders occupied the city of Adramyttium and used it as a base to attack Byzantines. Constantine responded by raiding the city of Adramyttium where Henry was. The battle broke out between the two camps with the Franks killing and capturing much of the Byzantine Army. The second account is by Nicetas Choniates suggested that it was Theodore Mangaphas and not Constantine who led the Byzantine Army against Henry in the Battle of Adramyttium. However, Choniates agrees that it was the Franks who won the battle killing a large number of the Byzantines Army in the process. Historians have tried to reconcile the two accounts by suggesting that there must have been two separate attempts to drive Henry out of Adramyttium, first by Constantine then Mangaphas within a short time in 1205 both of which failed.

Major Battles Of The Crusades

Great Battles Of The Crusades Date
Battle of Aintab August of 1150
Battle of al-Babein March 18th, 1167
Battle of Adramyttium March 19th, 1205
Battle of Agridi June 15th, 1232
Battle of al-Buqaia 1163
Battle of Al-Sannabra June 28th, 1113
Massacre of Ayyadieh August 20th, 1191
Battle of Azaz June 11th, 1125
Battle of Ba'rin 1137
Ambush at Jacob's Ford June of 1157
Siege of Jacob's Ford August 23rd, 1179
Siege of Arsuf March and April of 1265
Capture of Haifa 1265
Battle of Harim August 12th, 1164
Battle of Harran May 7th, 1104
Battle of Lake Huleh June of 1157
Battle of Al-Uqab July 16th, 1212
Siege of Mahdia July through October of 1390
Battle of Makryplagi 1263
Battle of Muret September 12th, 1213
Battle of Neopatras 1273
Battle of Nicopolis September 25th, 1396
Battle of Pelagonia September of 1259
Battle of Prinitza 1263
First Battle of Ramla September 7th, 1101
Second Battle of Ramla May 17th, 1102
Third Battle of Ramla August 27th, 1105
Siege of the Isle of Ruad 1302-1303
Battle of Shaizar 1111
Battle of Yibneh May 29th, 1123

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