Longest Rivers In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)

Tropical vegetation along the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Tropical vegetation along the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is crisscrossed by several broad, deep, and long rivers. Most of the country typically has a tropical rainforest climate. Its land is characterized by dense grasslands around the southern parts, and mountainous plateaus and savannas around the northern parts while the weather is hot and humid. Also, the country has a wide array of resources in terms of minerals such as gold, silver, diamond, and copper among others. In reserve, it faces environmental challenges such as water pollution, poaching, and deforestation. However, the longest rivers, which also contribute the most to the country’s economy, environment, and topography, are looked at below.


The River Nile is 4,528 miles long and is shared by ten countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It has two major tributaries, namely the White Nile and the Blue Nile. It is identified as a primary source of income as it is used for transportation, cultivation of crops and fishing for the surrounding community. Additionally, the climate is equatorial-Mediterranean with heavy rainfall patterns that cause flooding and in some instances drought. Sadly despite the economic power that could come with the large river presence, the people surrounding it are characterized by increased poverty, instability and gross environmental degradation. Furthermore, there have been territorial disputes over the river with the countries that share the river. However, in 2010 there was a water dispute settlement that came up with a joint vision of alleviating poverty and was adopted by all the countries.


The River Kasai is 1,338 miles in length, and is a tributary of the Congo River. Situated along the border between Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the river has saw some major territorial disputes in the past between the two countries. Indeed, it is a rich river, as diamonds are mined there. Its richness attracted the Portuguese and the British in the colonial times, who were not only mining but also using the river to transport slaves .It is still used for transport in this modern times.Other than that it has a tropical climate with a mean temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and an annual rainfall of 1,400 millimeters to 1,700 millimeters in the northern areas and as much as 2,000 millimeters in the southern reaches of the Kasai. Also, it is home to over 200 species of fish. There is a flooding regime which results to seasonal and permanent swamps.


The River Congo is the deepest river in the world at over 750 feet to the bottom in places, and is also 2,920 miles long. Nine countries share river Congo hence a lot territorial disputes arise often.Historically it was used for slave trade but in modern times fishing, hunting and farming are the major economic activities around the river.Its climate is typically rainforest with features of dense forests which are home to wildlife, heavy rainfall, hot and humid weather as a result of lying on the equator. River Congo is impacted very significantly by shifts in the ecological balance seen across much of the entire African continent.


This Lualaba River is 1,118 miles long. It borders the Upemba National Park, which is home to protected habitats. Fishing is the main economic activity and several towns are along the river.There is a dam namely Nile dam for hydroelectric power at Nile Falls.

In effect, Congo is home to some of the longest largest, and deepest, rivers of the world, and therefore a natural site causing significant global interest.There are five more rivers that are quite long and cross the Democratic Republic of the Cong, namely the White Nile, the Lomami, the Uele, the Sankuru, and the Kwango. They range from 684 miles to 794 miles in length.

Longest Rivers In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)

RankLongest Rivers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa)Total Length
1Nile4,258 miles (shared with 10 other countries)
2Congo2,920 miles (shared with 9 other countries)
3White Nile2,299 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
4Kasai1,338 miles (shared with Angola)
5Lualaba1,118 miles
6Lomami794 miles
7Uele752 miles
8Sankuru746 miles
9Kwango684 miles (shared with Angola)

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