Leading Exporters Of Calcium Phosphates

Calcium phosphates are commonly used in agricultural fertilizers and human multivitamin and mineral supplements.
Calcium phosphates are commonly used in agricultural fertilizers and human multivitamin and mineral supplements.

It is a known fact that the name Calcium Phosphate is given to a group of minerals comprised in part by calcium ions together with orthophosphates or metaphosphates, and sometimes hydrogen or hydroxide ions. Calcium Phosphate is found in a principal form of calcium in bovine blood and milk. Phosphate ore is a mineral and is a natural source of Calcium Phosphate. It mainly consists of Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Fluoride. There are also hazards of over use of Calcium Phosphate as it leaches surface minerals from soils and when these nutrients seep into water supplies, they lead to over growth of algae.

History of the Calcium Phosphate Industry

Calcium Phosphates are found widely in nature in several forms and are primary minerals for the production of phosphate fertilizers and a range of phosphorus compounds. It is produced using a mixture of calcium, phosphates, and ammonia. Ground animal bones, slaked lime, or limestone can form the sources of calcium. Animal bones form the most commonly used source of calcium in industrial productions. Calcium Phosphates can also be obtained from mineral sources but this method is not commonly adapted. Bone ash was the major source of phosphates until 1840’s and Phosphate rock mineral containing phosphorus, phosphates and phosphoric acids was first used in 1850’s.

A great deal of research was carried to produce dicalcium phosphate by acidulation of phosphate rock and usually when phosphate rock is treated with sulphuric acid, mono-calcium phosphate or phosphoric acid is formed. Both these chemicals are good plant foods. A study says that Calcium Phosphate is considered the 58th most traded mineral, and the 1103rd most complex one according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

Extraction, Processing, and Marketing of Calcium Phosphate in Contemporary Times

According to the International Trade Center (ITC) Data, countries such as Morocco and Jordan find their places in the top 2 slots of exporters of Calcium Phosphate. Morocco exports around $1,022,189,000 of Calcium Phosphate annually, while Jordan exports around $520,816,000 annually and Syria ranks 10th by exporting $38,796,000 of Calcium Phosphate. Morocco exports its Calcium Phosphate primarily to India, the United Sates, and Mexico.

The pricing of phosphate soared upward in a historical fashion during 2002-2008 due to increased demand in the bio fuel industry for crop nutrition, coupled with increased energy prices. To meet the ever growing demand for the product, the industry experienced a phase of expansion for both crop nutrition and animal feed. Research shows that world consumption of dicalcium phosphate (DCP) is expected to grow at an annual rate of 1.5% and mono calcium phosphate by 2.5% during the period of 2015-20.

Uses of Calcium Phosphate

Calcium Phosphate is widely used as nutritional supplement for humans and livestock. It is useful in a wide range of dental products and medicines to give them color instead of coloring agents. It is used for teeth remineralization, to treat mouth ulcers, and in gene therapy. It is the most widely used phosphate supplement for the development of strong teeth and bones in livestock and poultry. These chemicals are largely used as agricultural fertilizers. Consumption of phosphate chemicals is much in demand in agricultural industry than in any other. Not to forget, Calcium Phosphate is also found in a large share of processed foods, including breads, flours, and other baked goods. People with kidney disorders, however, are advised to watch their intake of calcium phosphate.

Leading Exporters Of Calcium Phosphates

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