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The campus of JHU.
The campus of JHU.

John Hopkins University (JHU) is a private research university located in Baltimore Maryland, USA. The university is known for its deep tradition of philanthropy.

5. Founding

JHU was founded in the year 1876 and named after its first benefactor John Hopkins. Hopkins was an American abolitionist, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who contributed a whopping seven million dollars towards the establishment of JHU.The philanthropic gesture was termed as the greatest in history at those times. However, half of the money was channeled towards the establishment of John Hopkins Hospital.

4. Rankings

The university is among the top ten list in the American Association of Universities ranking. In 2017, U.S News and World Report ranked JHU in the 10th position among universities offering undergraduate programs and 11th among global universities which are quite uplifting position considering the number of universities around the world.

3. Alumni

JHU is the home of several elite scholars both domestically and internationally, from artists to prominent doctors among others professionals. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a prominent novelist, Rachel Carson an ecologist and the author of Silent Spring, amd Walter Murch, an Oscar-winning artist and a sound mixer, are just but a few of the many more alumni from JHU. Nevertheless, there are other Nobel prize winners such as Riccardo Giacconi and other unpublished personalities who participate in the betterment of the community under normal daily circumstances.

2. Structure

As one of the most recognized Research Universities around the globe, it is no surprise that the university has quite an elaborate governing structure.The university has maintained the president post to be occupied by the leader and the overall overseer of the university’s activities. The university has a total of four campuses in Baltimore. These include Homewood, East Baltimore Peabody, and Harbor City Campuses, with each campus representing a particular faculty group as well as division. The University has spread its wings to span a total of three other continents.

1. History

After its establishment, Daniel Coit Gillman was the first president of JHU on February 22, 1876. Gillman’s leadership saw a drastic revolution on the graduate institutions curriculum in the US. For the first time in the history of the US, university education was incorporated into a research institution under JHU.This idea was borrowed from the German system of education. Gillman’s overwhelming efforts have been instrumental in making JHU a reputable private institution. The university has had its ups and downs in terms of insufficient land and lack of sufficient funds for expansion. However, the government has been supportive by offering paramount material and advisory support over the years.


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